If you have a vessel… SLOVENIA PROHIBITED

Slovenian Police

While theoretically it would be possible to go Slovenia without exceeding the 12-mile limit from the coast, the maximum limit to which Italian boats (with a license) can go, Slovenian regulations require all boats over 3 meters to be registered. That’s why if you have a boat you can’t sail in Slovenia.

Without registration in Slovenia a vessel does not sail

The Maritime Code of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 62/16 – single text, 41/17, 21/18 – ZNOrg and no. 31/18 – ZPVZRZECEP) states in Art. 217 that all units except:

  1. A vessel belonging to a ship (e.g., tender);
  2. A sport rowing boat, kayak or similar craft;
  3. a boat shorter than 3 meters, except that the engine power does not exceed 3.7 kW.

Italian vessels must also be registered

As we explained to you in thearticle on the international law governing the rights of the sea (the Montego Bay Convention), in order for the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian state to apply to vessels, it is necessary that they fly the Italian flag. In order to fly a flag there must be an effective regime between the state and the vessel, evidenced by relevant documents. Vessels, not having a license to sail, cannot prove this connection; therefore, to sail in Slovenian territorial waters they must be registered.

What is needed to enter Slovenia

To enter Slovenian territorial waters, the Italian vessel, if it does not fall under the exclusions provided for in Art. 217, must be registered. Italian registration in the Register of Pleasure Craft is recognized as appropriate. In addition, the vessel must have all prescribed equipment for the navigation area and insurance coverage valid in the Slovenian territorial sea.

Boating license is mandatory

As stipulated in Article 14 of the Vessel Management Rules (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 42/05, 103/05, 104/09, 39/18 e 94/22), in Slovenia a boat license is mandatory to drive all boats with an engine over 10 hp or a length over 7 meters, even if they fly the Italian flag.

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