Deck work: here’s a (natural) alternative for replacing teak

Marinecork cork deck installed on an X Yachts X 55
Marinecork cork deck installed on an X Yachts X 55

MarineCork is the 100% natural alternative to teak, composed exclusively of cork and designed specifically for boating. For those looking for a solution that replaces teak but is natural and more practical, cork is definitely a very advantageous alternative. That’s why!

VIDEO – Here are what the benefits of cork are

As Francesco Errico explains , processed cork MarineCork is the lightest material commercially available for deck covering. In addition to weight, the advantages of cork are several. Getting wet increases its non-slip properties, increasing grip; cork also is a thermal insulator so it does not get hot in the sun, does not scald feet, and protects the area below deck from heat and cold. But it doesn’t end there, because cork is an anti-vibration material , is an acoustic insulator and has outstanding mechanical strength. It is very difficult for it to break down given its internal elasticity, it is designed to keep its coloring unchanged over time, and it also does not absorb grease, water, fish blood, or anything else: it does not stain!

MarineCork – Custom moldable and customizable

MarineCork is for all intents and purposes a natural wood; in fact, it is composed solely and exclusively of cork that is processed to achieve the ideal consistency . In addition to being natural, it is also an environmentally sustainable material because the trees used to derive the cork are not cut down but kept healthy. In addition, at the end of its life, it is a 100% recyclable product. Installing it is very easy: MarineCork
it is available in slats or panels, which can be shaped to measure, with a thickness of 6 or 8 millimeters. The surface can be customized with lettering, logos and designs, and it sticks exactly like teak, with a perfect adhesion to the underlying surface.



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