Boat clothing and accessories. These are the 8 must-have products in 2023

Best boat accessories 2023 - Clothing and Accessories
Best boat accessories 2023 – Clothing and Accessories

The best boat clothing and accessories 2023

Boat accessories and clothing are increasingly technical, designed to provide protection and comfort in all conditions. The garments and accessories, thanks to the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and innovative materials, are now lightweight and very functional. And they are often perfect to use even once you get off the boat.

Boat Clothing 2023 – Dacoblue Backpack – Boatique

TOP 2023 Accessories - Dacoblue Backpack - Boatique
TOP 2023 Accessories – Dacoblue Backpack – Boatique

It is called Dacoblue and is the first backpack-tanker perfect for boating. Traditional canisters are bulky, inconvenient to move and handle, and take up valuable space in the boat. They are also often damaged when exposed to UV and deteriorate easily, even causing leakage. This backpack can hold up to 20 liters of fuel and once emptied-it weighs less than 1 kg-can be folded.

Midsund 3 Boot – Helly Hansen

Boat Clothing and Accessories - Midsund 3 Boot - Helly Hansen
TOP Accessories 2023 – Midsund 3 Boot – Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen’s Midsund 3 boots are designed for mixed use on a variety of occasions, not just aboard a boat. From hiking to use as an after-ski boot to simple everyday use as a rain boot. They are fully waterproof and windproof rubber boots, have an Eva Comfort footbed and a vulcanized rubber outsole that allows them to adhere perfectly even to wet surfaces.

GTX Ocean Racer – Musto

TOP 2023 Accessories - GTX Ocean Racer - Musto
TOP 2023 Accessories – GTX Ocean Racer – Musto

Boots designed to cope with the most difficult conditions that can occur at sea. Musto Ocean Racers have a waterproof Gore-Tex outer membrane, Cordura upper and gaiter for strength and protection. The GripFlex tread increases grip, and the tongue and lacing system provide comfort.

Boat Clothing and Accessories: Aquafleece Robe – Rooster

Boat Clothing and Accessories - Aquafleece Robe - Rooster
TOP 2023 Accessories – Aquafleece Robe – Rooster

Rooster has launched the brand new Aquafleece Robe, a kind of robe-jacket with removable fleece lining. On the outside, the jacket looks like a classic loose-fitting jacket made of fully waterproof and windproof Aquafleece fabric. The inner layer, however, is a warm fleece fleece, which can be completely removed for cleaning and drying.

Pro Racer Boot – Sea Storm

TOP 2023 Accessories - Pro Racer Boot - Sea Storm
TOP 2023 Accessories – Pro Racer Boot – Sea Storm

These Sea Storm boots have a greased leather upper in the front and back areas, while the upper area is grained leather to provide a soft and comfortable fit. Inside we find a heat-taped Sympatex lining, which makes the boot breathable and waterproof. The outsole is made of non-slip rubber with Drainage System design that keeps you from slipping even on wet surfaces or in the rain.

Boat Clothing and Accessories: Foil Collection – Slam

Boat Clothing and accessories - Foil Collection - Slam
TOP 2023 Accessories – Foil Collection – Slam

The Deck Zipped Sweatshirt is an organic cotton sweatshirt from Slam’s new Foil collection. The sporty and innovative look of the Foil Collection garments is characterized by the cut of the garments, which recalls the shape of the foil, a common thread throughout the line. The stretch fabric from which the sweatshirt is made, carbon-frosted organic cotton, ensures that the garment is non-deformable, perfect for sports activities.

Wave Spider Shoes – U-Sail

TOP 2023 Accessories - Wave Spider Shoes - U-Sail
TOP 2023 Accessories – Wave Spider Shoes – U-Sail

U-SAIL’s Wave sailing sneakers combine a hydrophobic leather upper with a unique slip-resistant outsole. Water runs off thanks to the groove and drainage holes, so the tread keeps the shoe firm and steady. This allows you to stay balanced without slipping, even on wet inclined planes.

Boat Clothing and Accessories: Skipper – UYN

TOP 2023 Accessories - Skipper - UYN
TOP 2023 Accessories – Skipper – UYN

UYN unveiled the newest collection of garments that are as perfect on boats as they are on land. The entire Skipper line-composed of nine different garments-is available for both men and women and dresses from head to toe in t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and pants. The company has chosen ergonomic fabrics such as Natex bio-based fiber, which result in extremely comfortable garments, and temperature-regulating technologies that keep warm in winter and cool in summer.



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