From HP Watermakers comes Kilo: the watermaker for 10-15 meter boats

Fresh water on board - Here's the solution

Fresh water on board – Here’s the solution
HP Watermakers
presented at Mets 2022 the new
, a 220V watermaker for boats of 10-15 meters, capable of producing 120 liters of fresh water per hour. This new model is designed to be installed on medium-sized boats between 35 and 50 feet in length due to its extremely low consumption.

HP Watermakers Kilo – The smart watermaker for medium-sized boats

HP Kilo - HP Watermakers
HP Kilo – HP Watermakers

The new
HP Kilo
will be built on the body of the
(840 x 455 x 420 mm) which has been a great success since its launch in 2021. Introduced at Mets 2022, the new 220V AC desalinator can produce in continuous operation up to 120l/h of fresh water while consuming just one kWh. Also new is the system
Part-NET 2.0
, which now offers possibilities for graphical customization of the interface. Thanks to the app of
HP Watermaker
s installable on the plotters you control all processes of the watermaker, from the most basic commands (on/off) to parameters and operating data. In case of a malfunction, a video tutorial related to the detected problem starts automatically from the plotter display, with explanation in 5 different languages on how to solve the fault.

HP Watermakers – There is also the filter that eliminates bacteria

On watermakers HP Watermakers it is also possible to install
HP Genius
, ultrafiltration system that removes any trace of chlorine and intercepts all bacteria and a large amount of pollutants in the water. In addition to removing impurities, a remineralizing filter enriches the water with valuable minerals giving a palatable taste that is free of unpleasant chlorine flavors.



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