Il Giro dei Venti 2023, the combined sailing-cycling event between Salento and Greece returns

the turn of the winds
Il Giro dei Venti 2023 will be from May 27 to June 3

It will be May 27 to June 3 the second edition of Il Giro dei Venti, the combined sailing-cycling event (an experiment until last year unheard of) with cycling and sailing stages with pleasure boats in the beautiful scenery of Salento and the Greek coast. And it is already possible to register HERE.

The competition will be divided into stages that will pit teams consisting of two sailors and two cyclists against each other. Each stage finish will be scored according to ranking: pairwise for cyclists, crewwise for sailing. At the end of the six rounds, the scores obtained in all the stages will be added together and a final ranking will be drawn up. Whoever gets the lowest score will be the first runner-up.

Il Giro dei Venti 2023

Giovanni Bruno moderated the press conference presenting the initiative at Workness, a multidisciplinary, people-first place that focuses on people’s well-being in Milan, giving space to its protagonists. Next to the Knight Sergio Filograna, founder of Workness and creator of the competition, the voices of Riccardo Magrini, Cycling Section Manager The Tour of the Winds; Roberto Ferrarese, Sailing Section Manager; Mario Cacciapaglia, Coordinator; Samanta Demontis, Artistic Director; Dr. and Prof. Peter Mazzarotto, medical care manager; Federica Manoli, Regional Delegate for Lombardy of the Italian Naval League and Gianantonio Crisafulli, National Councilor – Italian Cycling Federation,

Three relevant partners in the project are Lega Navale Italiana, ACSI – Association of Italian Sports Centers and FCI, Italian Cycling Federation. The three entities are considering some preparation and conduct activities related to the sailing and cycling competitions, respectively.

Following the success of the first edition, Il Giro dei Venti for 2023 offers a totally revamped concept and experience.

The new Tour of the Winds aims to be an exclusive wellness and travel experience in which the sporting dimension becomes an opportunity for discovery,” says the cav. Sergio Filograna, Founder of Workness and creator of Il Giro dei Venti.. “Whilethe sharing and complicity that arises within the teams of cyclists and sailors will make it possible to arrive at the final victory, the initiative will also allow people to fully immerse themselves in the territory with its scents, flavors, natural beauty and gastronomic excellence.”

In fact, participants will be treated to a palimpsest of leisure experiences within the two settings of excellence: the east coast south of Otranto, one of the most beautiful and perhaps least known natural theaters on the Peninsula, and the island of Corfu, which represents a unicum in the scenario of the Greek Islands, combining Venetian, French and English architectural influences in a natural setting with breathtaking forests and beaches.

The week’s agenda will include events featuring sports, food, art, dance and wellness.

First of all, visits to farms and realities related to the sustainable production of the territory where to experience tastings and workshops dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient techniques of food production and preservation.

These will be complemented by guided walking tours of characteristic historic centers and trekking experiences with possible excursions to the wonders of Salento: caves, nature parks, the Petrified Reef, the natural canyon of Porto Badisco or the Sant’Emiliano Tower.

Umberto Pellizzari will also be there.

Il Giro dei Venti 2023 together with the great freediving champion Umberto Pellizzari, wants to offer an experience of Blue Therapy. This is a unique opportunity to discover the truest beauty of the sea; in fact, it is a briefing on the importance of breath awareness which will be followed by a dinghy ride and then a safe dive to enjoy, simply, the blue sea.

Also among the new features for next year is the extension of the duration: in fact The second edition will be held from Saturday, May 27 to Saturday, June 3, for a total of 8 days and 7 nights thus enabling sailing and cycling enthusiasts from around the world to make the most of this opportunity to immerse themselves even more in the culture and wonders of Salento and Corfu. In addition, having brought forward the start of the event by a month, the temperatures will be milder and there will be a smaller influx of tourists, making the experience even more enjoyable. In this way, Il Giro dei Venti also becomes an opportunity for the local tourism system in the early stage of the summer season.

The cycling stages

Over the course of the three stages, participants will proceed at a controlled Cyclotourist pace and will tackle a time trial section, of different length for each stage, which will allow points to be awarded for the final ranking.

The first leg, Leuca-Otranto, will travel along the coastline that overlooks the rocky ridge of the Adriatic Sea, where there are numerous coves and many small caves, destinations for boat tours and charming private villas, real showcases on the sea.

The second stage will take place in Corfu, where all cyclists will race while admiring the unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, picturesque beaches and traditional villages of the Greek island.

Finally, the third stage, Leuca-Gallipoli, will follow a beautiful coastal stretch where the scents and colors of Mediterranean vegetation and the blue sea will surely capture the interest of cyclists. On the way back it will be an opportunity to discover the territory of the inland municipalities of Lower Salento.

We have defined three cycling stages with a very balanced route,” says Riccardo Magrini, Cycling Section Manager Il Giro dei Venti. “Together with Ermanno Albanese and Fabio Perego, we thought of and chose routes that are feasible and accessible to all, and that do not preclude the end result for anyone. The ultimate goal, besides the sports result, is the pleasure of discovering wonderful places between Salento and Greece. I really hope that participants will take this opportunity to have fun and fully immerse themselves in the area that will host us during those days“.


For the second edition of the event, three sailings lasting 3-4 hours will be offered and held along the coasts. Routes will be decided on those days according to wind conditions and will be made along the Leuca-Gallipoli routes, in the waters of the Ionian Sea, or along the Leuca-Otranto route, in the Adriatic Sea.

It is, in addition, planned to sail near the island of Corfu. Compared to last year’s edition, the transfer of boats from Salento to the Greek island will take place at night with the boats and the aid of the motor.

Participants will thus be able to experience more spectacular races while enjoying the wonderful views of coastal landscapes.

The sail we propose for this second edition will not be technically demanding. Together with Fabio Massa, we have charted a linear course, where strategy will count but it will be based first and foremost on fair play, because everyone is a sailor first and a racer second“, declares Roberto Ferrarese, Sailing Section Manager Il Giro dei Venti. “Sailors will also have a unique opportunity to enjoy nature, the sea, the sky, the wind, the sun, the sunrise and the sunset on a boat. A show that, we assure as of now, will be unforgettable. Finally, I would add that sailors and cyclists will not know each other before the race, so they will have to team up within minutes. Communication and complicity become important aspects of successful competition from the very beginning, values that along with sports, Workness, has always placed at the center of its work.” concludes Ferrarese.

Safety is a key element in this experience. For this, the boats will be accompanied by the motorboat of the medical team coordinated by Dr. and Professor Pietro Mazzarotto, Director of the Department of Cardiology and Hemodynamics of the ASST of Lodi.

Also reconfirmed were the massage therapy treatments, coordinated by Dr. Andrea Lauria, available to all participants.

But The Tour of the Winds is not just about sports. The event promoted by Workness also aims to discover the territories hosting the competition – Apulia and Greece – through their culture and traditions.

“I am pleased to confirm that for 2023, dance will again be a protagonist within the cultural offerings of the event,” says Samanta Demontis, Artistic Director of Il Giro dei Venti. “On the final night of the competition, as in the first edition, the entire town of Spongano (Lecce) will come alive with a dancing show. In addition, we are organizing an exclusive event at the prestigious Asian Art Museum to conclude the day spent on the island of Corfu.”

In addition, The Tour of the Winds, as well as last year, includes a series of initiatives through universities and schools. And for the little ones, there will be no shortage of fun sports activities.

Program of Il Giro dei Venti 2023

Below is the schedule of the days:

  • Day 1, May 27, 2023: Arrival and check-in;
  • Day 2, May 28, 2023: in the morning, first cycling stage: Santa Maria di Leuca – Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca; in the afternoon, sailing;
  • Day 3, May 29, 2023: Salento area experience day;
  • Day 4, May 30, 2023: In the morning, experiences on the territory of Corfu; in the afternoon, sailing;
  • Day 5, May 31, 2023: in the morning, second Corfu cycling stage; in the afternoon: outing and aperitif with show at the Corfu Museum of Asian Art;
  • Day 6, June 1, 2023: In the morning, visit to Salento wine cellars; in the afternoon, sailing;
  • Day 7, June 2, 2023: In the morning, third cycling stage: Santa Maria di Leuca – Gallipoli – Santa Maria di Leuca; in the afternoon, transfer to Spongano for the final show and closing party;
  • Day 8, June 3, 2023: Breakfast and greetings.

Info and registration for Il Giro dei Venti HERE



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