Treat yourself and give the history of sailing from 1975 to the present day!

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The best articles that have appeared in the Journal of Sailing since 1975 are available to you if you subscribe. You will receive a code to access the premium section “SAIL History” on our website

We’ve already told you about it: if you subscribe to the Journal of Sailing by taking advantage of the “Paper + Digital” formula (we explain all the benefits below), you have at your disposal, free of charge, the entire digital archive of back issues of the GdV, from 2010 to the present.

Gift or treat yourself to the history of sailing

But what if I want to go further back? We have also thought about this.

Chi subscribes (or the recipient of the gift subscription) receives a free … history of sailing. Once you purchase your subscription, we will notify you of a code with which to access to our exclusive “VELA History” section , where the best published articles from the Journal of Sailing since 1975 await you. You will thus be able to relive all the excitement of the “golden age” of IOR sailing, discover designers who were rookies and made history, and immerse yourself in the evolution of yachting. 47 years of the “best sailing” selected for you by the editors.

We have selected the best of what we have published in our history, hundreds of news reports from the 526 issues published so far. We scanned them to make them digital, retrieving them from the precious bound books that contain all the vintages.

To each article (in browsable PDF format) we have added the cover of the issue in which it came out, accompanied by a new title and a brief summary, so that the topic and why it was chosen are immediately clear.

To top it off, we created a platform, viewable from all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) where, as in Netflix, one click is all it takes to access viewing.

What are you waiting for? This is the only way not to lose the thread and understand the evolution of boats, sailing, and racing effortlessly. Subscribe (or give away a subscription) with the new “Paper + Digital” formula to the GdV.

Sailing Newspaper Subscriptions

How to subscribe to the Journal of Sailing by exploiting
the “Paper + Digital” formula.

How to subscribe or renew your subscription and access sailing history? It’s as simple as that.

  • Choose the formula you prefer in the “Subscribe!” section of the Sailing Newspaper
  • When subscribing, you will be prompted to create an account with username (your email) and password
  • With the con account immediately access the digital version of the magazine on the web (at
  • By downloading the Newspaper of Sailing app (on the App Store and Google Play) and entering the same account you immediately access the digital version of the magazine and all its back issues, up to July 2010!
  • If you subscribe, at the time of purchase you will also be given a code with which to access the “premium” VELA HISTORY section where the best articles that have appeared in the pages of the Journal of Sailing from 1975 to the present day await you.

If you want to give away your subscription to the GdV.

Christmas is approaching. If you want to give away a subscription ,
enter the “Subscribe!” section.
. Choose the type and duration of the gift subscription, proceed to purchase, and you will receive an email with directions for activating the subscription, which you can forward whenever you want to the recipient of your gift!

Paper + Digital Subscription, all the benefits

This is not the end of the story. We’ll tell you about all the other benefits so you’ll find out why it’s the right time to give as a gift – or give yourself, or renew, a Paper + Digital subscription to the GdV.

sailing newspaper subscription

1. The GdV in your home

With a “Paper + Digital” Sailing Newspaper subscription, you receive hard copies of the magazine conveniently at home for one year. Each month, the best of sailing for you, selected by our editorial staff. To stay informed about your and our world. Don’t you get a copy? No problem, we will proceed with the re-submission.

2. Always with you on your PC, smartphone and tablet

On your device you have immediate access to the digital version of the magazine with lots of additional content (videos and web links) for an even more immersive experience. Download the Sail Newspaper App (for iOs, and Android) and simply log in by entering your email and the password you chose during purchase. Do you want to read the magazine from PC? You just enter the same credentials on our digital “browseer.”

3. Twelve years of sailing, minute by minute

print + digital subscription

With a Paper + Digital subscription to the Newspaper of Sailing you get the entire back issues archive from 2010 to the present for free, available in a digital version by downloading the Newspaper of Sailing App or on the online browseer

4. Free ads on our marketplace

Ads in the magazine’s “buy & sell” marketplace and on the Journal of Sailing website are free and unlimited for subscribers. The GdV classifieds market is among the most visited on the web and is the right place to sell or buy used boats, accessories and berths.

5. The pleasure of sharing (5 times) your passion

Just like subscriptions to Netflix-like platforms, you can browse the digital Sailing Newspaper on five devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) at once: just log in with your credentials. It is the best way to share digital GdV with those close to you!

6. All the sailing that matters

By subscribing to the GdV you receive by e-mail all newsletters reporting the best of the news published in the Journal of Sailing, selected by our editorial staff.

7. Discounts on our Boatique e-store

By subscribing, you receive a discount code to be used for exclusive products that can be purchased on the online store, the place to go for the latest and greatest goodies to best equip your boat.

8. GdV subscription. Save 50%!

How much does the annual paper + digital subscription to the Journal of Sailing cost? Only 69 euros. Or, if you prefer, 5.75 euros per month. Exactly half as much as the 138 euros it would cost for individual print and digital copies!



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