Route du Rhum, Alberto Bona and IBSA eighth after a solid race

Alberto Bona on IBSA

Few words but lots of deeds, Alberto Bona completes his first Route du Rhum and first solo transatlantic on his Class 40 IBSA with an eighth place finish that really bodes well for the future. A result that accrued thanks to a very solid test despite some problems: a nasty cut on the head that was self-medicated, a broken Gennaker in the Trade Wind and also for him, like Beccaria, the loss of the wind station sensors.

Inconveniences that have objectively slowed him down and probably precluded him from a more important achievement, to which Bona seems to be able to aspire. Alberto always led the regatta in the leading group, actually playing with the best in the class. A quality debut for the Turin-based sailor who in recent years has raced in the Figaro 3 class, the best training ground for then trying his hand at the great oceanic solo classics.


Alberto Bona

“I’m very glad it’s over. As a race it was so hard! I lived like an animal for ten days. Arriving here is a real sense of liberation. And at the last the tour of Guadeloupe was hard. You see Guadeloupe, you think you’ve arrived, but it’s not over, you still have work to do! But I’m happy, the new boat went well, I didn’t break anything serious. I am proud to have taken my small boat to the other side and finished with a good result.

At first my goal was to stay in touch with the top of the fleet, but it is true that I was only at the beginning with this boat that we launched only three months before the start. There was a lot of work to be done, the guys in front are certainly not waiting for you! But I found my rhythm, even though the mishaps sap my morale a bit. During the passage of the second front, I got a little hurt, a small wound and lost the wind indicators. These little things add up and make you lose touch with the first ones. Afterwards, I had to re-motivate myself. I had a small battle with Antoine (Carpentier) for 5th place. I was very much into it. It was my second target, because the first fleet members had left; and there I tore my gennaker. Believe me, it was a second blow to morale.

Bona and Beccaria party on the docks at Point a Pitre

When we got into high pressure, we had three really superb days under spinnaker, even though that’s where the head of the fleet ran away. Then the trade winds strengthened with gales, and it was again very challenging and sporty. Now here I want very simple things: take a shower, eat, see the friends who are here and enjoy life!

Honestly, I am quite amazed by what Ambrose did. He ran at such a high level. I, too, am happy because I ended up with a boat I had no experience with. Living up to the big names in the class is an important message. Italians are there and working hard.”



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