Beccaria-Douguet, endless duel: it’s the moment of truth

We are at the reckoning, the day without appeal of this spectacular Route du Rhum 2022. The day for Italian sailing began with the 16th place finish of Giancarlo Pedote on Prysmian Group among the Imoca, who despite losing J2 managed in the final part to recover some positions. All the spotlight now focuses on the excited arrival of the Class 40, after the victory of a sidereal Yoann Richomme, behind whose back the battle rages between Ambrogio Beccaria on Allagrande Pirelli and Corentin Douguet. For both are about to begin the tour of Guadeloupe, about 60 miles long before reaching the finish line at Point a Pitre.

The distance between the two is minimal, Beccaria should retain a slight advantage at the entrance to the virtual gate located north of the island, but we are talking about a few hundred meters margin. Everything will play out in the broadside behind the island, where there are many areas covered in the wind because of the high mountains.

Route du Rhum: live coverage of Allagrande Pirelli’s arrival.

3 p.m.: Beccaria on Allagrande Pirelli has a lead of nearly 5 miles over Corentin Douguet when there are 35 miles to go.

4 p.m.: Big windless zone to cross for Ambrogio Beccaria, who sees his lead reduced to 1 mile, with 32 to go.

5 p.m.: Allagrande Pirelli’s lead drops to 0.8 miles, but Douguet is also now in the very little wind zone.

7 p.m.: Allagrande Pirelli and Ambrogio Beccaria have passed the Basse Terre way point, 21 miles to go, and Corentin Douguet is 3.7 miles behind.

8 p.m.: 45-minute penalty for Corentin Douguet for an engine restart using the reserve diesel tank that is sealed before the start, as required by the regatta rules. Ambrose Beccaria is 16 miles from the finish line.

9:30 p.m.: last edge toward the finish line for Allagrande Pirelli and Ambrogio Beccaria, last miles, last effort toward second place at Route du Rhum 2022.




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