Live from the Mets: the top 3 accessories we saw today

Accessories from Mets 2022
Accessories from Mets 2022

We are at Mets 2022 in Amsterdam, the world’s most important trade show dedicated to nautical accessories, and we took a tour of the exhibitors in search of the most curious products.

Three TOP accessories seen at METS

Below we show you three, all very different from each other. Among the products on display at Mets are the overall winner of the 2022 DAME Award and the other products we liked best among those nominated.

Accessories – U Safe, the smart life preserver

U Safe - Joystick-controlled lifebuoy
U Safe – Joystick-controlled lifebuoy

U Safe lifebuoy
intrigued us and we went to see it. The product is as simple as it is ingenious: a U-shaped lifesaver that incorporates two waterjet motors that can be controlled by a remote joystick. So in case of a man overboard, you can reach him even in rough seas and difficult conditions, just by “guiding” the life jacket to him using the joystick.

Now the U Safe lifebuoy, a 2019 DAME award-winner in its primitive version, has improved its performance by integrating a new lithium battery capable of providing arange that exceeds 40 minutes and an improved range, which now reaches 3.2 miles. The life jacket weighs 13 kg, reaches a speed of 15 km/h (which is halved when carrying a person) and is recharged by an induction plate attached to its holder. Another new feature is asmartphone application that allows the user to always know the charge and health status of the batteries of the networked lifebuoy.

Mets 2022 – Integrel, the eco-generator

Integrel - Alternator replacing the generator
Integrel – Alternator replacing the generator

Another awardee at DAME a few years ago renewed and won in the category “Machinery, mechanical and electrical propulsion systems and related accessories.” This is the system developed by Integrel Solutions, an alternator that can use the reserve-or waste-energy that even the most efficient engines cannot harness to charge on-board batteries.

In fact, it is a less expensive alternative – in the long run – than a generator to have power on board. Now the company has gone a step further. Thanks to Integrel Inline, the size of the “alternator system” is much smaller and it is easier to install even on smaller boats. Integrel Plus, on the other hand, is a module that allows stored energy to be used to drive the boat electrically. A sensor that analyzes navigation allows the e-drive function to be activated only when system performance is at its peak. In addition, Integrel also launched the Plus module to bring its technology to the world of powerboats.

Mets 2022 – Aquafleece Robe, the sailors’ robe-jacket

Rooster - Aquafleece Robe
Rooster – Aquafleece Robe

You just got back on the boat after an activity at sea, perhaps in winter, what would you like to dry off? Rooster has launched its Aquafleece Rob e, a sort of robe-jacket with a removable warm fleece lining, at the Mets. On the outside, the jacket looks like a classic oilskin that dresses oversized, which can also be worn unlined to protect against rain and wind. The Aquafleece fabric is completely waterproof and windproof, and the jacket can be closed all the way down thanks to the zipper and Velcro closures. The product won the award in the category of “Crew Clothing and Accessories” at the 2022 DAME Awards, the jury also rewarded the low price-around €180 online.



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