Accessories seen at METS: here are the top 3 VIDEO

Top 3 Dames from the Mets 2022

Top 3 Dames from Mets 2022Of all the accessories on display at Mets 2022 in Amsterdam, there were several innovative products that we saw. Especially among the nominees for the Dame Award, the annual worldwide recognition that honors products that combine design and functionality. These are among the best three we saw during the first day at the Mets.

Mets Top 3 – Revolve Rolling Half Sailor (with accessories)

Rolling half sailor - Revolve
Rolling half sailor – Revolve

This half sailor can be unwound and rolled up, so when closed it takes up less than 10 cm of space, but when open it reaches a length of 2 meters. In addition to the convenience of being able to store it in even a very small locker, Revolve ‘s half-navy is a very versatile product, thanks in part to the accessories that can be matched. For example, the deck-cleaning brush, which, thanks to a special inlet, allows the half sailor to be used as a handle. It is sold separately and is available in yellow and blue. Then there is a special accessory that allows a smartphone, camera, or light to be attached to the end of the sailor craft. This accessory is very useful, for example, for mounting a waterproof camera-such as a GoPro-and submerging the craft in water to check the condition of the hull.

Mets Top 3 – The Essential battery that solves the problem of disposal

Essential - Aceleron
Essential – Aceleron

For the first time in Dame’s history, the jury introduced the Environmental Design Award category this year. Winning the award for the new environmental category was Aceleron’s Essential iron-lithium-phosphate battery. This battery weighs just 15 kg and is easy to carry, plus it is very versatile being available in three different denominations, 12V, 24V and 48V. The technology chosen to make the battery allows for a product with an overall weight that is less than half that of an equivalent lead-acid battery. In addition, and this is the feature that convinced the jury, the cells inside the battery can be easily replaced once they reach the end of their life. Replacement is done by Aceleron itself, which also guarantees to find a second life for all batteries it replaces. Thus it makes the circle of cell replacement, one of the biggest environmental problems related to the electric transition, virtuous.

Shakespeare Marine’s fin-shaped antenna

5912-Dorsal - Shakespeare Marine
5912-Dorsal – Shakespeare Marine

A fin-shaped antenna, that’s what Shakespeare Marine came up with , convincing the Dame Award jury to include the product in the list of nominees. The 5912-Dorsal is a VHF, AIS and AM/FM antenna with an unusual fin-shaped design, made of strong and durable materials. It is designed for boats up to 15 meters and for coastal sailing, achieving a range of four miles at 1W and 10 miles at 25W. Due to its very small size-about 7 centimeters in length-it can be installed even on very small boats, and its shape prevents it from snagging or breaking.



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