Seldén CXe45, the new electric furler for 13-16 m boats

selden cxe45
The new Seldén CXe45 electric winder has been tested for two years aboard some Hallberg-Rassy

There is a new electric furler for Code 0 type sails for boats ranging from 13 to 16 meters. Seldén thought so with the CXe45.

Seldén CXe45

Seldén, a historic Swedish brand among the leaders in rigging and deck equipment, expands its range of electric sail handling products with the CXe45 furler. The brand’s manual winders for Code 0 (distributed in Italy by Velamania) are called “CX,” so the electric version is called CXe, while the number “45” describes the maximum working load, 4.5 tons.

Seldén marketing director Mats-Uno Fredrikson tells about the product: “The Code 0 furling was originally developed for long-distance racing, but is now an established addition to a cruising sailor’s set of headsails. Combine it with a furling jib and you have the ultimate set up, from wide to upwind gaits, all without leaving the cockpit. Now, with the use of push-button control instead of the closed-loop top, it becomes even easier and safer“.

Tested by Hallberg-Rassy

The CXe45 is a 2-speed furler and takes only 10 seconds to furl the sail, reducing its vibration and prolonging its life. The motor unit can be integrated at the bow or bowsprit with a below-deck (TD) installation or used as an above-deck unit connected to a pad-eye (OD).

After two seasons of testing the new winder, Magnus Rassy, CEO and owner of Hallberg-Rassy, concludes, “The CXe45 is exceptionally easy to handle due to its high sail furling speed. Takes effortless sail management to a whole new level“.

The world premiere of CXe45 will be held at METS in Amsterdam, Nov. 15-17 (booth #01-775).
Deliveries are scheduled to start in April 2023.

For more information about the product.



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