There is a service that provides you with a team of professional meteorologists

Meteomed - The tailor-made weather service for boating
Meteomed – The tailor-made weather service for boating

Meteomed is a company specializing in vertical weather forecasts and services, dedicated to recreational and professional boating, with an exclusive forecast model for the Mediterranean basin. Meteomed stands out in the marine meteorological sector for the focus, accessibility and high technological level of its modeling component.

Weather professionals at your service

Meteomed’s flagship, a guarantee of the efficiency and exclusivity of its services, however, is definitely the technical and certified quality of its operations room of professional meteorologists. Meteomed, in fact, can count on the most numerous operations room in Italy. By the very nature of meteorological science, the predictions proposed by mathematical models have a certain margin of error, which is more or less negligible. This is precisely why the professional meteorologist represents the missing piece, the human component that, with skills and experience, can really make a difference. Relying on a professional meteorologist means ensuring that you, your crew, and your vessel are comfortable and safe enough for a better experience at sea.

Meteomed – A quality weather service

Subscribers to the
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can count on the support of a team of professional meteorologists, available 7 days a week to conduct briefings, answer questions, provide advice and insights regarding the daily forecast. The experienced consultant is able to indicate the best time window for sailing, the propitious time to cast off the moorings, as well as the strategic route to reach a particular destination. The Metomed Maritime service, dedicated to shipping companies, allows them to reconstruct the recurring routes of naval units and monitor them throughout the daily route through specialized forecasting systems and the ever-present assistance of the operations room. Meteomed also offers a weather emergency service to assist sea operations in parallel with the authorities, both in advance of a possible accident (prevention) and when an accident at sea has occurred (intervention).



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