Refit Style: why choose resin to coat the deck? VIDEO

CoolDeck blanket - Resin processed by Refit Style
CoolDeck blanket – Resin processed by Refit Style

A technology that has already successfully starred on cruise ships is making a powerful entrance into the private boat market. We are talking about the resin used to coat the deck, a material with unique characteristics that can be worked with the greatest freedom.

Refit Style – The resin: a multi-certified product

The extensive use of resin by the cruise industry is not only a guarantee of safety, validity and durability. In fact, the product has also obtained certification for compliance with maritime safety and pollution standards from the International Maritime Organization. Sika is the company that supplies Refit Style, exclusively for the recreational marine market, with liquid resin. Then the resin is processed by Refit Style for casting, depending on the customer’s choices. This type of processing allows you to choose the thickness you want, unlike other synthetic coatings for which you are bound to predefined thicknesses. Resin is extremely versatile and can be molded into different shapes and cuts. Thicknesses up to solid wood can be created, if desired even with an aluminum core to lighten the resin casting while still maintaining the solidity of the piece, for example, to make handrails. In addition to the advantage of customization, resin is a lightweight yet wear- and grease-resistant product, thus maintaining its appearance and non-slip properties over time. It is easy to clean, does not crack or warp or change color, and withstands high temperatures very well.

Watch the video to understand the benefits of resin

Refit Style – Maximum customization thanks to resin

Refit Style creates the templates, based on the final product to be made, be it a walkway cover, deck or dining table. In a second stage, the resin is poured and solidified, but has a glossy appearance. Here, action is taken according to the owner’s wishes by sanding and machining the panels to create grip and cuts as required.
Intervention with a numerically controlled machine allows the resin to be milled by creating designs and shapes, reproducing logos or lettering, with no limits to the imagination. Herein lies another major difference between resin, which is fully customizable, and other types of synthetic coating, which are bound to standardized shapes and cuts. There are as many as 15 colors available, but it is also possible to create different colors by mixing those present to achieve the desired color. Once ready, the CoolDeck panel, the trade name for Refit Style’s product, is glued to the boat’s deck with a structural glue, ready to accompany you for a long time at sea.



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