Here comes the superyacht…wheelable. It is called Tomorrow S30

There was a lot of talk at the Dusseldorf Boat Show about electric propulsion, but there was only one sailboat offering this solution: the Domani S30. Thanks to the proven Torqeedo system, the Domani S30 sails “on motor” in electric mode.

But it also attracted enthusiasts to the German show because of its features that make it look like a superyacht, even though the boat is only 9 meters long and 2.46 m wide, so it is trailerable. And yes, to see it in Dusseldorf it looks like a micro Wally (the industry benchmark), thanks largely to the cockpit with an unusual aft sundeck that can accommodate three people and the benches with padded backrests that make it look like an outdoor living room.

Michael Goddaert

We get an explanation of the philosophy of this “out-of-the-box” boat from its creator, Belgian Michael Goddaert: “I missed the pleasure of creating something more compact, which is a challenge to incorporate many features of larger yachts (aft sundeck, deck shower, large central cockpit, airy and bright interior, performance, etc.).

The goal was to find the perfect balance of sporty lifestyle design, creating a nine-meter boat that was transportable so that the boat could be easily stored during the winter months and explored many different places by carting it behind the car.

And then, the other element is personalization. Each Sportyacht leaving the site should be different from the other. This is a bit more expensive than buying standardized materials, but the life is too short to compromise the beauty of a sailing yacht.”

The Domani S 30, in addition to the large outdoor spaces of a pure daysailer, also has good interior habitability with excellent finishes: there is a double V berth in the bow and two more in the stern, there is room for a small kitchen with sink and refrigerator as well as a chemical toilet.

The features of the Tomorrow S30

Overall length m 9.00

Maximum width m 2.46

Draft m 1.80/1.20

Displacement kg 1,700 kg

Sup. sail 41/44 sq. m.




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