B34: Luca Brenta Yachts rethinks the day sailer dimension

A versatile boat. This is what the new B34 is meant to be, a boat that takes up the style that has been a hallmark of Luca Brenta’s production with some new features: not just daysailer, but a more complete boat with a somewhat broader philosophy. For sizzling sailing weekends, club regattas or even, with the right arrangements, offshore racing. A boat that will be presented with the possibility of being customized according to the purpose of use.

The idea was to design a 10-meter-long monohull that was simple, uncompromising, designed to be ultra-fast on the water in real time and that, was manageable with a small crew, also designed for solo outings.

Underlying the whole project is the pursuit of ultra-high performance as the best recipe for having fun, getting results in regattas, and above all giving longevity to this new day sailer.

The B34 has an ergonomic study of its large cockpit that allows comfortable seating for 6 people, mainsail and jib adjustment with systems automated by electric winches.

The jib is handled with a self-turning rail, and the integrated delphinist allows for the hoisting of Code O and gennaker when the gait widens from broad windward to slack.

The water lines of this 34-footer take its initial cue from boats designed by Luca Brenta in recent years, with their unmistakable lines and design.

Construction will be in epoxy resin carbon hybrid fabrics for the hull, all structures in unidirectional carbon fabrics, for a rigid and lightweight artifact.

The interior layout includes a minimalist design in the Brenta style type, with a double bed in the bow, a closet and toilet hidden in a bench in the mast section , two benches / sofas / wedges , in the entrance area accompanied by two cabinets containing sink on the right and refrigerator / stove on the left.

The B34 is proposed as a daysailer with weekend-ender capabilities for the more athletic sailor. The features of a lightweight minimal daysailer interior, technological construction like that of a pure racer, also place the B34 under the guise of a luxury racer.

Enrico Malingri, the shipyard’s technical director, will be available to assist clients in ad hoc choices for the configuration of their boat to make the most of this jewel designed by Luca Brenta’s pencil.

A high-modulus carbon mast with rod rigging, state-of-the-art rigging, and many small, high-end details complete the effectiveness and look of this daysailer. The sail area at windward, in the race version with square top mainsail is around 68 m2, while at leewards it will be around 180 m2 thanks to a gennaker at the masthead and an integrated 1-meter delphinarium.

There will also be options designed for cruising such as a removable cockpit table and swim ladder, cold and hot shower in the cockpit.

All because of the two winning souls of this boat, which one weekend sees it taking a group of friends out for a walk and the next weekend participating in a gentelmen driver’s regatta.

Technical data:

LOA : 9.99 mt.

LWL : 9.99 mt.

B Max : 2.85 mt.

Draft : 2.40 mt racing / optional cruise 2.00 mt. (Removable Keel)

Construction : Infused E-Glass/Carbon fabric – reinforcement and structure 100% carbon.

Mast : Aluminum / Optional Carbon.

Main sail area: 40 m2

Jib Area : 27 m2

Code O area : 80 m2

Gennaker area : 125 m2




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