USED BOATS. First 40, the heir to a great success story

The heir to the First 40.7 had the task of surpassing, or at least confirming, the success enjoyed by its predecessor, with over 800 units sold worldwide. The result was not quite achieved, but the First 40 remains a good boat for several reasons.

At first glance, very little appears to have been retained from the older 40.7: the stern is open, the deckhouse is lowered and widened, the beam is increased, and the slips are less pronounced. While on the surface there may appear to be a break with the past, in reality the First 40 retains “trademark” water lines, as well as competitive pricing and more sophisticated construction than the hulls in the Oceanis line. These aspects make it a suitable boat for those who want to try their hand at racing between the buoys with a competitive boat or to use it for summer cruising. Those who use it for cruising will be better able to appreciate the renovation of the interior, the work of the Nauta studio, which oversaw the modernization process of the Beneteau range.


Immediately noticeable are the deckhouse windows half-covered by a casing, a stylistic element taken up by the new 45- and 50-footers that, in addition to hiding the handrails, make the deckhouse more streamlined. The cockpit is divided into an area for guests and, further aft, one reserved for the helmsman with a large wheel, a bit of a hindrance for those who want to access the aft bridge. Classic maneuvering arrangement with a privateer stance.


The interior layout echoes the winning layout of the First 40.7, but with greater attention to detail. The saloon table, as well as the chart table, can be folded down to free up space, which is useful in regattas. New woods and chiaroscuro effects increase the brightness of the rooms, making it feel like there is more space on board.

Average valuation on the used market 120,000

Overall length 12.58 m

Width 3.89 m

Sup. sail 98.00 sq. m.

Draft 1.95-2.45 m

Empty displacement 7900 kg

Sleeps 6/8

Water tank 200 l

Fuel tank 130



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