Permanent used boat show is born to sell and buy your sailboat

Marina di Brindisi - The first port where the Dock and Sell format is active
Marina di Brindisi – The first port where the Dock and Sell format is active

There is a new way to sell one’s boat or buy a used one that has many advantages for both the seller and the buyer. It is called Dock and Sell and it is the new format presented by Blue Dream Brokerage in collaboration with Marinedi Group. We tell you how it works and why it is really beneficial.

Dock and Sell format revolutionizes used car buying and selling

The format is currently active at the Marinedi Group’s Brindisi Marina, where there is a reserved and dedicated dock for Dock and Sell‘s “permanent second-hand showroom.” Here you can visit all the boats on display at once, presented at their best, checked and appraised. Blue Dream Brokerage and Marinedi Group are already considering replicating the format at other marinas in the Marinedi network, which boasts more than 6,000 berths in 14 Mediterranean ports. Visiting the dock is actually like entering a used car showroom: in fact, used boats are gathered here, kept at their best and always visitable, presented by expert consultants.

Dock and Sell – Benefits for those who want to sell their boat

Do you have the boat to sell moored in a marina far away from your home that you don’t want to keep paying for? Have your life plans changed and are you in the process of moving and selling the boat? Or are you simply looking for a way to sell the boat that is safe, reliable, and can maximize your monetization without losing money? The Dock and Sell format is your ideal partner, in fact:

  • a team of technicians and consultants will work to keep your boat neat, clean, and looking its best at all times. The boat will not be left in a marina far from where you live or where the broker lives, and it will be continuously maintained as needed to be sold at the true market price.
  • for the first 6 months you will not have to pay any fees related to mooring and boat management in the marina.
  • the boat is gathered at a reserved dock along with the other boats entrusted to Dock and Sell, and may attract the eye of a customer who is perhaps there to visit another boat.
  • the boat will be presented as already appraised, with a certified appraisal.

Benefits for those who want to buy a used boat

If you are looking for a used sailboat to buy, relying on Dock and Sell will save you money and give you a guaranteed used boat. All the boats are gathered in one place, so you can visit more than one boat if you are not clear, even choosing from boats that are very different from each other. But these are not the only advantages for buyers; choosing Dock and Sell allows you to:

  • cut down on travel costs normally faced when visiting multiple boats scattered around the Mediterranean: here they are all gathered at the same dock.
  • visit boats inspected, arranged, and to the best of their potential, accompanied by certified expertise.
  • carry out any refit / extraordinary maintenance work decided after purchase in the same marina where the boat is already located.
  • Simplify the paperwork involved in buying and selling.

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