Rolex World Sailor of the Year: let’s vote for Tita-Banti!

There could only be Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti on the list of nominees for Rolex World Sailor of the Year, the award given by World Sailing, the World Sailing Federation. The Tokyo Olympics gold medalists in the Nacra 17 class have in fact been selected to the short list from which the winners will be named on October 25. It will be possible to support their category through online voting on the dedicated award platform.

The Rolex World Sailor of the Year has been organized by the world sailing federation since 1994 and is one of the most important awards for Olympic sailors. Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti were also named Sailors of the Year as part of the award of the same name organized by il Giornale della Vela.

Rolex World Sailor of the Year: the Tita-Banti moment

The nomination for the Rolex World Sailor of the Year award is greatly justified by the sporting achievements of the Italian pair, fresh winners of European, World, and all the regattas they have participated in since the Olympics.

In the world of sports it is referred to by the most experienced analysts as “momentum,” or that psychological phase when everything seems to succeed, with a perfect connection between mental impulse and technical and physical gesture. Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti are going through this “momentum,” and it has been going on for a while. For over a year, when they had dominated the Tokyo Olympics, Enoshima for sailing, winning gold. From that medal on, it is as if something mentally unlocked: only victories came at all the World Cup events they participated in, then a European title and now the World Cup.

Wanting to make a comparison in the sports world, the level of technical and mental omnipotence of the blue crew is comparable to that of a Michael Phelps in the best of times, when his every race in the pool seemed perfectly under control and almost easy. In fact, Tita-Banti are winning in some cases even by wide margins over their opponents. Making winning look easy, in disciplines as complex as the Olympic disciplines and nacra in particular, is something that probably only the outliers can do. We do not know what their Olympic careers will hold in the future for the two blues, but one thing is certain: “momentum” is on their side.




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