Such a Luna Rossa has never been seen before: prototype unveiled in Cagliari, Italy

Luna Rossa’s prototype. Notice the rather pronounced edge at the stern and a foil shape reminiscent of that seen on Team New Zealand’s boat at the last America’s Cup.

Luna Rossa: the first day of a new era, we could call this October 13, 2022. The prototype, just under 12 meters long (but the official length has not been released) Luna Rossa has finally been unveiled. A boat, built all in house by the team, that will serve the Italian union as a “laboratory” pre train and test solutions to be transferred to the AC 75, whose construction will begin in a few months, which will be used in the America’s Cup in Barcelona in 2024.

Luna Rossa – Let’s find out about the prototype

Luna rossa prototypeBroken bottle, by Miuccia Prada, and pulled off the tarp covering it, the prototype showed itself to the public in Cagliari. The first thing that jumps out at you is the futuristic “camouflage” color scheme. Patrizio Bertelli ‘s account in this regard gave the motivation, between irony and reality, for this choice: “During the war, camouflage was used to recognize warships from one to another according to predetermined color codes. In reality, this boat so bizarre with the coloring, perfectly in line with Prada‘s style (it looks like a “boat opera”) the prototype also hides its lines, which are thus harder to recognize from prying eyes spying on us.” It is not necessarily the case that all teams build a similar boat, which is not to be confused with AC 40s. The AC 40s, built by MCConaghy, will all be the same, and will be 4-person crew boats for women and young people.

Luna Rossa – the lines of the prototype

Luna Rossa hullThe coloring, with the red-white-black that seems reminiscent of the colors of the Four Moors, actually serves to blur the lines, yet something seemed to stand out. The “skeg,” or that sort of long keel that AC 75s have in their hulls, seemed decidedly more pronounced on Luna Rossa’s prototype than on the old Italian AC 75. Same with the negative hull flares, which are very reminiscent of those of Team New Zealand, while the aft edge seemed quite sharp, somewhat like that of the British Ineos from the last Cup and to some extent also the Kiwis’ boat. In short, Luna Rossa’s prototype seems to have taken various design ingredients from the latest generation of America’s Cup boats.

The foils, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the last version shown by Team New Zealand during the last America’s Cup, but it is quite logical to think that the team on this public occasion wanted to keep its cards covered on such a sensitive and recognizable element.

Two-way test between prototype and AC 40?

The exact length of the boat was deliberately not revealed, Max Sirena spoke vaguely saying “it is about half the length of an AC 75.” Just do some quick math to realize that its length will not be too far from that of the AC 40 (11.80 mt long). The Protocol says that each team can only build one AC 75, no testing with two AC 75s together, but there seems to be no prohibition on testing between a prototype boat and an AC 40 instead. Would Luna Rossa have thus circumvented the ban? We will soon find out.

Luna Rossa – Newcomer Marco Gradoni

One of the new additions to the team is also the entry of Marco Gradoni, most likely with a view to including him in the Young crew, while little is still known about the women’s crew. And the well-informed say that Gradoni, 18, a three-time Optimist world champion, is one of the strongest on the simulator team.

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