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The fourth edition of the Italian Yacht Design Conference, you can follow it below, live from the Politecnico di Milano.


On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the Italian Yacht Design Conference, an event that renews the debate between designers and the yachting industry, returns with its fourth edition. During the day, one of the most innovative boats launched in recent months, the sloop Canova capable of producing, while sailing, all its energy needs, will be presented.

For the fourth edition of the conference, which is now traditionally held in one of the temples of design, namely the hall dedicated to the Castiglioni brothers, a panel of particular quality will be offered as always, with representatives from business, design and sports. In search of new “emotions” that have affected so much design and production not always in the most productive direction is the search for a renewed relationship between the sea and the boat. So, investigate the environment as a driver of design and why not of marketing: “it seems that the sea has disappeared from the content offer of boats, other suggestions continue to prevail, from luxury onwards, but not the joy it can offer to enthusiasts. We talk a lot about sustainability, and rightly so, but we forget about the fun, the happiness of the views,” is the summary of Antonio Vettese, a nautical journalist who together with Professor Andrea Ratti is coordinating the event and points out that. “never more so than in this period in which the market has moved the limit of ‘possible’ further and further forward, the search for solutions to recover meaning and relationships with the context is as challenging as ever. From the design point of view, it requires measuring oneself with boundless technological and material potentialities, but also with a complexity of management of the realization process that imposes extremely complex but equally fascinating multidisciplinary interactions.” The intervention takes place as part of the training initiatives of the Master’s program in Yacht Design promoted by the School of Design and Poli.Design, and the relationship with the young people being trained will be very interesting.

One of the speeches that will certainly go in this direction will be the presentation of Canova, the Baltic 142 recently launched on the Baltic Sea that interprets the desires of a particularly passionate and educated owner for a sailboat of great elegance but rich content. Canova sailing can produce all the energy it needs for its operation, not only by generating through the main propeller coupled with a motor/generator, but also by recovering energy from the magic trims when leaving the sails. Presenting it will be Lucio Micheletti, who did the styling and interiors. “To design a boat you have to enter another dimension,” says Micheletti, “to abandon the pure volumes of architecture, both outside and inside, and you have to work with an aesthetic that is not appearance, but depth . Merging calm and strength, voids and solids. Work with materials in a harmonious dialogue avoiding juxtapositions.”

Carlo Nuvolari of the Nuvolari Lenard firm, which signs some of the most important boats from mass production to mega and giga yachts will present a report on the birth of the megayacht, which begins in reality with the characteristic of being a ship of state and is now being used to demonstrate economic status. His is also a warning, as a keen observer of the most challenging market: “Millennials have entered boating all over the world; they are users and customers with habits that sometimes baffle us. Italian boating is in a moment of great expansion in terms of units built and sold. Are we sure that it is in real tune with the new clientele and not just a momentary increase in their propensity to spend?”

Luca Dini ‘s highly experienced Studio will lead the audience into the complex world of motoryachts. Andrea Vallicelli, among the most experienced Italian designers, is preparing to celebrate 40 years of activity and success. Lorenzo Argento and Roberto Biscontini with their recent experience in building Beneteau First ’53 will tell of the many constraints, but also stimuli, that large series production with its demands imposes on the design process. Says Argento, “It also takes the ambition to re-bear people on boats, in the completeness of what that means, sailing. The boat is a refuge, a place that gives you the opportunity to have very intense experiences, close to friends and family. Too often this great value is forgotten.”

Among the more technical speeches was that of Francesco Mongelli, who has always played the role of navigator and who now within Luna Rossa team Prada Pirelli’s design team is in charge of data collection. Andrea DAmato of Garmin will explain the evolutions in electronics that have strong influence in design.

Architect Aldo Parisotto of Parisotto & Formenton and engineer Cristiano Bighetti of Boero YachtCoatings will address the role of color in design and the messages it carries. One Ocean Foundation will present research on the economies of the sea entitled Business for Ocean Sustainability with a special focus on the Mediterranean. Industrialist Federico Rossi will anticipate the Round Table debate between designers and industrialists by recounting Rossinavi Shipyard’s interventions, especially in the world of large-scale shipping. “To fully experience a yacht means to be able to receive emotions from it,” he says, “which can see their source in those waters that sometimes cradle it and sometimes shake it, as well as one’s self when immersed in deepest thoughts. It is with this in mind that, in designing a boat, giving attention to the abatement of artificial noise leads one to better feel the breath of the sea; reflecting on how to create external relaxation areas, at the same time open and excluded to it, to perceive emotional waves of it; and integrating ecological propulsion systems to feel part of an ecosystem to be respected.”


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