Did the outboard go into the water? Here’s how to save it

You are sailing and the tender’s outboard ends up in the water: is all lost? Absolutely not! Try to drain all sea water and rinse with fresh water. If you can’t do it right away better to let it soak, the drying salt is more harmful. Once recovered remove the spark plugs and dry the engine assembly with compressed air. If you do not have it on board, you can easily find it in the harbor at the gas station. Alternatively, use a cloth. Disassemble the gasoline filter and pump. Clean them and dry them carefully. Access the carburetor, disassemble it, and access the jet bowl. Dry the whole circuit vigorously being careful not to damage the floats during disassembly and reassembly. With some water-repellent spray and lubricant, spray the entire engine, so that especially the electrical contacts and coils are well cleaned. Reassemble the spark plugs, new of course, and try using the starter cord to rotate the crankshaft slightly; if you feel the movement is not smooth, better call a mechanic. If all goes well, try starting it and letting the engine idle let the oil lubricate the mechanics.



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