VIDEO Facnor FXE 4500, the new electric furler for 12m boats

facnor blender FXE 4500
The electric body of the new Facnor FXE 4500 blender

The Code 0-type electric sail furler is no longer a megayacht affair; it is coming to medium-sized boats as well.

Facnor FXE 4500

In fact, Facnor’s new FXE 4500 electrified fuler is perfect for boats from 42 to 55 feet (on Facnor’s French site, however, the range of use starts at 38 feet).

We had Silvano Botti of Settemari Yacht tell us about it., the Italian importer of Facnor, which, let’s remember, is one of the “top” brands in the world of deck equipment: it supplies original equipment to many shipyards and its products are tested in the toughest and most demanding regattas for equipment, such as solo (Vendee Globe) and crew (Ocean Race) round-the-world races.

VIDEO – Silvano Botti tells us about the new Facnor blender


Facnor FXE 4500 – Installation and Use

An electric evolution of the proven FX furler, the FXE 4500 can easily handle a sail area of up to 140 square meters. That is why it is good for mid-range boats. “It’s no coincidence that there are already a number of boats in France that mount this system, from the Oceanis 52 to the Dehler 46,” Botti explains. “The electric whip can operate by turning either to the right or left. In addition, we conducted tests aboard a Dehler 46 and found that in just 20-25 seconds the FXE furls the sail.”

Mounting the FXE 4500 drum on board is simple, even simpler if you retrofit it and the owner already has the FX Facnor manual system: buy the motorized kit, swap the classic manual drum (the one with the rope, to be clear) for the electrified one, and you’re done.

FXE 4500 Facnor cover
The Facnor FXE 4500 blender guard also features a handle for easy transportation

Facnor FXE 4500 – Protection

Also very interesting, in our opinion, is the cover that protects the furler’s body (which, let us remember, does not need routine maintenance because the body is sealed): not only does it shelter it from blows, but it also has a handle that allows it to be easily transported once the FXE 4500 is detached from the bow eyebolt to which it is attached (after, of course, detaching the forestay as well).

Control and management of the FXE 4500 can be done either by normal wired push button or by remote radio control. Consumption? Not high. According to the manufacturer we are talking about 20-25 Ah with the glider in use.

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