Special Ports 2021, MVB Bagattini: HULK, the self-locking…incredible, is born.

Today’s appointment with the Ports 2021 Special is with HULK, the patented design self-locking screed proposed by MVB Bagattini to the port sphere.

is the self-blocking, innovatively designed, patented solid flooring that provides incredible load resistance due to its extremely high interlocking index, which is more than 16.5 percent higher than typical heavy-duty industrial floors. HULK guarantees, with a thickness of only 8 cm, even greater strength than traditional 10 cm thick screeds.

The marina is a complex system within which different activities, logistical and otherwise, take place, for which appropriately designed areas are required. Of fundamental importance is the choice of pavements, which must cope with the mechanical and thermal stresses to which they are subjected.
knows the importance of the certified technical performance that a self-locking paving screed must have in order to meet the needs in the port area. Therefore, rather than the “off-the-shelf” product, MVB prefers to offer a specialized, no-obligation consultation to listen to the customer’s real needs and turn them into a customized, ad-hoc finished product.

With HULK, every customer will have a high-performance technological product that they can, with the experts at
, modify and adapt it to their needs, combining it with what is one of the highest aesthetic yields in the industry.

HULK self-locking solid wood is indeed characterized by a fascinating and unmistakable geometric design, with a smooth surface distinguished by our typical flamed colors that give spaces freshness and modernity.

In addition, like all MVB products intended for heavy loads, HULK also offers maximum performance in terms of abrasion, slip and freeze/thaw resistance, thus materializing into a self-locking solid with a high level of inalterability and durability. HULK is a 100% Made in Italy product, designed, manufactured and patented by
: it’s easy
cally incredible.

The company

was one of the first companies in Italy to produce vibrocompressed concrete flooring, introducing an exclusive line of screeds to the market. Today it offers a very wide range of items available in exclusive colors and multiple finishes, including the FILTRATING one, which is 100 percent permeable.


Phone: 031 773554

Info: www.mvb-bagattini.com/it



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