Become a skipper in 21 days with MadMax: the next course is just around the corner!

MadMax Skipper Course
MadMax Skipper Course

Do you love the sea and sailing and are looking for a new job opportunity? With MadMax’s school you can become a skipper by taking the intensive 21-day course aboard one of the company’s catamarans, learning everything you need. At the end of the course, if you are promoted, the doors of the skipper job will open!

MadMax Skipper Course – 3 weeks to become a skipper

The MadMax method has been preparing the best skippers in the Mediterranean since 2008, with a course that has become increasingly consolidated over time. This is a full immersion course lasting 3 weeks spent aboard a 15-meter catamaran. Here we field test all the situations and mishaps that might arise on board, bringing practice to the center of the class days. Once the course is completed, the doors to the job of skipper open for the students , a fulfilling job but also one of great responsibility, for which adequate preparation is necessary. MadMax, in addition to its own charter company, is also in contact with many other companies to propose MadMax-qualified and certified skippers.

Ready to deal with even the unexpected

Those who enroll in Mad Max’s skipper course are also provided with a full complement of tools and materials useful in case of need on board. Epoxy resins, mats, underwater fillers, welder, drill, angle grinder and sail repair kits are given inside the briefcase to all promoted participants. MadMax-trained skippers will thus be able to perform the interventions learned during the course with all the equipment they need. Registration is now open for the next coursescheduled for Nov. 7-26, 2022. For any information you can visit MadMax’s booth at Milan Yachting Week and contact the company directly from the form.



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