Keep tabs on your boat with a click thanks to this app


It is called Nauticoncept and it is the system that allows you to keep an eye on your boat at all times. Especially in this season, when many people do not sail and leave the boat moored, it can prove very convenient to have the boat just a click away. How does it work? The heart is a black box that installs on board and sends data to the app on your smartphone.


Here’s what it offers the owner

has a dedicated app that downloads to all smartphones, iOS and Android, and communicates over the network with the black box you install on board. The Nauticoncept system has a series of Nauticsafe smart sensors that connect and interface with those already mounted on the boat. In case of anomalies or failures, the black box sends a signal via the app, and a notification on your smartphone alerts you in real time. What can you keep track of? Engine hours, battery voltage, water in bilge, shocks and geolocation, presence of strangers on board. In short, it’s kind of like having the boat in your pocket.

A must-have service for charter companies

The Nauticoncept service offers an unmissable opportunity for charter companies. These will be able to handle all check-ins and check-outs, contact customers via chat, handle damages and any repairs, or set up specific functions. For example, one can prevent access, via geolocation, to prohibited or protected navigation areas, or keep an eye on engine status and battery charge at all times. The app collects and manages data by sending a daily report, making life easier for those who have to manage a large fleet, such as charter companies.

Contact Nauticoncept with one click

Contact Nauticoncept by simply clicking here and sending an email. Find all the details inside his booth at Milan Yachting Week.



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