Jeanneau Open Days, come and discover the entire Sun Odyssey range!

jeanneau open days
The entire Sun Odyssey range awaits you at the Marina di Nettuno (Rome) on Oct. 8 and 9 at the Jeanneau Open Days, organized by Punto Cospicuo

Jeanneau Open Days arrives Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9 inside the Marina di Nettuno (Rome).

Oct. 8-9, why attend Jeanneau Open Days

A weekend, finally away from the “chaos” of boat shows (which were literally taken by storm this year) dedicated to sailing enthusiasts and beyond thanks to Puntocospicuo which organized a two-day Open Days event totally dedicated to the world of monohulls especially the range Jeanneau’s Sun Odyssey.

The boats on display

Let’s take a look at the boats on display:


  • Sun Odyssey 349, a highly successful design from the French shipyard that is easy to carry and designed for experienced sailors as well as motivated beginners.

    jeanneau open days
  • Sun Odyssey 380, great news that we have been waiting for a long time as it is a perfect mix of performance, smoothness and comfort on board. The inverted bow allows for greater efficiency downwind and easier maneuvering in port. Equipped with a powerful hull.jeanneau open days
  • Sun Odyssey 410, a striking boat for its interior and exterior spaces whose innovations were designed first and foremost to improve sailing efficiency and safety; the sloping sills, raised masts, lower boom, and inverted bow were designed for this purpose.jeanneau sun odyssey
  • Sun Odyssey 440, is a cruising sailboat designed for offshore sailing. Its strength and stability, and safe cockpit make this boat a reliable companion for long crossings.sun odyssey
  • Sun Odyssey 490, the flagship of the range, offers an extraordinary feeling of space at all levels.

The event, which opens its doors to everyone totally free of charge, is an excellent opportunity to review the model and its options before a possible purchase or even just get closer to the world of sailing away from the chaos of boat shows.

Puntocospicuo is also a charter base with its fleet of monohulls and catamarans, and by taking advantage of this event, you may also be able to decide which boat to spend your next season’s vacation with.

Learn more about Jeanneau Open Days at Conspicuous Point.

Want to make reservations and get more info about the Jeanneau Open Days event? Email



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