Italian, patented and ingenious: the perfect parasol for any boat

Umbrellas are one of those objects that over the decades, indeed centuries, have not varied much in shape. A more or less round-shaped portion of cloth attached to metal arms that allow the mechanism to open and close, and a support arm that allows the structure to be supported at a certain height. In its simplicity, the idea of the parasol has withstood the test of time, and in fact even today the parasols we see on the market do not deviate much from the time-honored reference model.

However, there is an Italian manufacturer, based in Florence, who has patented an innovative technology that can revolutionize the idea of a parasol, and has thought of applying this formula to boat parasols. Today we present it to you, it is called Yachtingline by Garden Art, but we tell you right away that the full range is on display at Milan Yachting Week.

Multivalve® System

Garden Art’s revolutionary patented canopy design allows the umbrella’s stability to be greatly increased, allowing the boat to maintain its aerodynamics and preventing warm air from building up under the structure. All this just with a parasol? Here is how the patented top works, explained graphically thanks to these two diagrams.

The modern and innovative design of the concentric fabric flap top minimizes the sail-effect by letting air currents pass through it. The wind flows between the flaps of the canopy which therefore does not oppose its buoyancy, this results in greater stability of the umbrella, but also thewarm air that forms under the canopy is free to escape thus allowing better ventilation.


Theinnovative technology of the soft top is truly outstanding, but that’s not all! Because another great strength of Yachtingline is customization . There are so many models, but the umbrella can vary in height, size of the canopy, materials of the support structures, and types and colors of fabrics, which are so many and with different characteristics from each other. In short, we have the perfect boat umbrella, and one that no one will be able to copy at this Italian excellence thanks to the patent. You can find it in the accessories pavilion at Milan Yachting Week, where you can contact the technicians directly to study together the most suitable design for your boat.



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