How to make your Leatherman multifunctional “immortal”

leatherman maintenance kit
Cleaning a Leatherman multi-purpose with the special brush included with the maintenance kit

With summer and cruising time over, comes the fateful time for checks before putting your boat to rest. But beware. It is not just about performing checks on the boat, hull, rigging. Special attention should also be paid to the toolbox which, if they have been in contact with salt water in the summer season, tend to corrode if not maintained properly.

Your Leatherman will last longer

A Leatherman is forever. We have already told you how Leatherman multifunctionals are a must-have item in every sailor’s toolbox because they pack dozens of functions perfect for on-board checks and emergency repairs into a single tool.

To prolong its already very long life(think that the warranty on a Leatherman is 25 years, and every month thousands of multipurpose ones come through the doors of the warranty department to come out as good as new and last…another 25 years), the U.S. brand has launched two new products.

The maintenance kit and blade sharpener.

Leatherman – Maintenance Kit

Let’s find out together about the maintenance kit for your Leatherman multifunctional and why it can be useful to boaters. Meanwhile, it is enclosed in a compact (56 x 216 x 127 mm) nylon case that makes it easy to stow on board.

leatherman maintenance kit
The cleaning stick included in the Leatherman maintenance kit is almost “surgical” extraction and is perfect for removing impurities and saltiness

The weight? Negligible, 448 grams. And that’s not all: the kit is designed with extra pockets to also hold a multifunctional tool so it can be used anywhere, anytime.

leatherman maintenance kit
The contents of the Leatherman maintenance kit

What does the kit contain? Mat (essential, on board, if you don’t want to stain wood and fiberglass), blade sharpener, cleaning stick, cleaning pad, cleaning brush, microfiber cloth, and lubricating oil. The list price is 79 euros; like all Leatherman products, it has a 25-year warranty.

This video explains, in a few simple steps, how to restore your Leatherman multi-purpose tool to its original state using the maintenance kit.

As easy as drinking a glass of water.

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Leatherman – Blade Sharpener

Worthy of a separate mention is theblade sharpener, the Blade Sharpener, which is included in the kit but can be purchased separately. A sharp knife means safety as well as practicality because in an emergency being able to quickly sever a line can make all the difference.

leatherman blade sharpener
The size of the Leatherman blade sharpener is compact. So much technology in just 34 grams of weight!

For only 20 euros you bring to your boat a portable sharpener with which to take care of your all-purpose, knives and scissors on board. Of whatever type they are.

Designed in collaboration with Work Sharp, a historic U.S. sharpening products company, the product is truly effective and “all round” because it consists of a carbide wheel for smooth blades, a ceramic wheel, and a highly durable diamond-coated bar for hacksaws and scissors.

leatherman blade sharpener
The detail of the Leatherman blade sharpener. Note the convex carbide in the center and ceramic blades (right) for grinding.

Sharpening the blades will be super fast thanks to the convex carbide of the grinding wheel, and then refining the edges with ceramic blades for perfect honing.

Again, the dimensions are really compact: 44.5 x 89 x 19 mm, weighing only 34 grams.

The operation of the blade sharpener is well explained in the video below.

Enter the world of Leatherman

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