Five reasons why going out on a boat in winter is… just great

The sea is a great ally for humans
, especially during the winter when city chaos and stress fill our weeks. During the summer, anyone who loves boats will probably find the sea an ideal place to relax and catch their breath, but the influence of the marine environment should not be underestimated during the winter either. Here are five reasons why the sea in winter is great.

Against winter symptoms

Seaside areas, being generally windier, often have cleaner air. It should also be considered that contact with this environment stimulates the immune system and thus helps us stay healthy and respond better to illness and flu symptoms. In addition, the sea is a real panacea for allergy sufferers because it acts as a natural aerosol by making respiratory symptoms improve, thanks to the presence of iodine, which is also recommended for those suffering from reduced thyroid functioning.

Prevention is better than cure

Not only when you are sick, but even before that you can experience “thalassotherapy” – thalassa in Greek really means “sea” – (through the absorption of substances contained in seawater – trace elements and salts – the restoration of organic balance is promoted and the body becomes stronger and more resistant to external aggression). Thalassotherapy is based on the healing action of the marine climate, the sea itself and its products.

Relax, take it easy

Relaxation is very important and to maintain good health. Blue is the color of the sea and is generally considered a relaxing color for the eyes and mind. According to some studies, this color is actually able to reduce blood pressure and body temperature, helping us to relax more and thus keep us healthier.

Wild nature

As you leave the harbor in winter you will rediscover the pleasure of going to sea when there is no one around you. No motorists, no “mess.” As soon as you leave the harbor, it will only take a few meters to find yourself immersed in incredibly wild nature.

Beautiful prey awaits you

If you are fond of drift fishing from the boat, then be aware that the tastiest prey (hermit crabs, snappers, bream) are waiting for you in the very winter…

There is also a sixth reason, actually: going out in winter boosts your self-esteem as sailors. They are all good at going out in the summer with five knots of air, in the heat…

So, have we convinced you? Cover yourselves properly and cast off your moorings!




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