The open bow tender-catamaran is the latest from Veleria San Giorgio

Safety Tender 6.0 - Veleria San Giorgio
Safety Tender 6.0 – Veleria San Giorgio

Among the new products on display at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show was the Safety Tender 6.0, the first boat presented by Veleria San Giorgio. An unusually shaped tender, with a completely open bow and plenty of walking space, it certainly represents a novelty in a market made up of very similar models.

Safety Tender 6.0 – Veleria San Giorgio

After more than 30 years of participation in the Genoa Boat Show, the long-established life jacket company presented a boat for the first time during the 2022 edition. Safety Tender 6.0 is 2.50 meters long, 1.65 meters wide and is approved to transport 6 people. The stability of the boat, similar to a catamaran, is provided by the two stabilizing fins placed under the two tubulars with a diameter of 40 cm each. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, increasing speed and improving stability, the special shape of this tender allows as much as 1.8 meters walkable on the dunnage.

The bow is fully open, allowing easy embarkation and disembarkation, whether from a boat or from the harbor or beach. The weight of the tender is 48 kg, while the maximum embarkable weight, including people, equipment and engine, is 540 kg. Safety Tender 6.0 is also sold in packaging with short shank engines, and can be equipped with Veleria San Giorgio safety equipment such as automatic inflatable life jackets. Pedal inflator and pair of paddles are provided as standard.

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