LAST CALL! Eight reasons to register for the Barcolana 2022 (Oct. 9)

Barcolana 2022
Any kind of boat can participate in the Barcolana 2022. Already 1217 boats have registered…

Next Sunday Trieste transforms into the world’s sailing capital. And you too, with your boat, can take part in the Barcolana 2022. The largest and most crowded regatta in the Mediterranean: 1217 boats have already registered for the 54th edition, scheduled for Sunday, October 9, and it is easy to assume that it will touch 2,000. You can register by clicking on the button below, there is time until Saturday evening 8!


Among the thousands of reasons to participate in the Barcolana 2022, we have chosen eight.

Barcolana 2022, eight reasons not to miss it

1. Barcolana 2022: Everyone can participate

Everyone can participate. But really all. Registration is open to all boats, excluding dinghies. From Mega Yachts (24.01 m and up) to Class IX (boats under 6.45 m), with rankings also dedicated to traditional boats such as flounder and goiters and Meteor monotypes.

Barcolana 2022

2. It’s not like you have to have a racing superboat!

Do you have a cruising boat, designed for “comfortable” sailing?

Barcolana 2022

Don’t worry: at the Barcolana you can take great satisfaction, because you can enter her in the Cruising class in her category and you will also compete in this classification.


3. Barcolana 2022: Face to face with sailing champions

Precisely because the Barcolana is the regatta to attend (at least) once in a lifetime, it is chock full of great sailors. Veterans, young and old.

Lining up on the starting line with you can be champions like Furio and Gabriele Benussi, Mauro Pelaschier, Vasco Vascotto (pictured above), Lorenzo “Rufo” Bressani, Tommaso Chieffi… And not just Italians: to have raced at the Barcolana legends like Paul Cayard, Russell Coutts, Sir Ben Ainslie… The risk of coming face to face with them is high!

4. Your souvenir photo? One of the greatest sea photographers takes it for you

The big “C’ero Anch’io” box is back at the Barcolana, and it’s back with an exceptional protagonist, sea photographer Carlo Borlenghi. During the pandemic, Borlenghi specialized in portraits, and after photographing all the residents of his Bellano, he now sets a goal of photographing, in two editions, all the Barcolana participants .

From Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 at the SVBG headquarters Carlo Borlenghi himself will portray free of charge all shipowners who come to register and donate their digital photo portrait to each.


5. Barcolana 2022, only if you live it do you understand it

Do you know why you absolutely must participate in the Barcolana? Because even though you may have heard about it dozens of times, you can’t understand it until you experience it firsthand. A celebration and regatta that has no equal, if you don’t participate you can’t imagine it at all.

barcolana - 2

As one sailor wrote us, “Better to participate at least twice. The first time you are stunned by the novelty. The second you are better prepared and never go back.”

6. Unique emotions at the start

Here we let the great German sailor Jochen Schümann, winner of three gold and one Olympic silver medal, who had the opportunity to helm Esimit Europa 2 (formerly Alfa Romeo) in Barcolana, speak: “The start of the Barcolana is a unique emotion.

Finding space between tiny hulls and keeping your opponents at bay is challenging. To win it, then, in front of 2,000 boats and an entire city in celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime satisfaction.” Not everyone is lucky enough to win the Barcolana, dear Jochen. But your words about leaving are sacrosanct! When do you ever get to deploy on the line along with two thousand other boats? Only at the Barcolana!


7. The route is beautiful

The regatta course opens and concludes with a veritable catwalk in front of the city of Trieste. It is a quadrilateral with fixed vertices positioned in the Gulf of Trieste, with a total length of 13 nautical miles.

The start is set for 10:30 a.m. and the line is positioned between Barcola and Miramare; proceed 210 degrees, for 4.3 nautical miles, until reaching the first buoy, then follow a 0.90-mile disengagement, for 332 degrees. From Buoy 2 to Buoy 3, off Miramare Castle, sail 4 miles, then back toward Barcola, along the coast, for 2.3 miles. Off the Victory Lighthouse begins the final phase of the regatta, which leads the crews to the finish line: they sail 160 degrees until they reach, after a mile and a half, the Old Harbor Dam, where, in front of the Piazza dell’Unità, the finish line of the regatta is positioned.

8. Visiting Trieste, a city in celebration

Trieste, we said, becomes the sailing capital of the world. The huge Piazza dell’Unità and Trieste’s Rive are the heart of the Barcolana Village, with the exhibition spaces, concerts, exhibitions, activities dedicated to the public and the presence of infopoint and merchandising space.

But participating in the Barcolana is also an opportunity to visit a beautiful city with a Mitteleuropean flavor that is celebrating the occasion. From the alleys of the historic center to the Cathedral of St. Just the Martyr, from the Castle of St. Just to the Roman Theater, to the very famous Miramare Castle (pictured).




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