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Whether you race, cruise, or split your time between these two ways of experiencing sailing, the argument does not change: better to have a fast boat.

In the first case, to take satisfaction out of yourself between the buoys; in the second, to enjoy the pleasure of sailing and forget about the engine.

At Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you will find the right accessories to run: from “zero friction” antifouling through lightweight, high-performance deck equipment, from hi-tech propellers to “top” sail game. Here are five ideas for “gaining knots” when sailing.


Idea 1. The carbon antifouling to run strong

Let’s start with what’s underneath. The hull: if you want to make your boat run there is a product for you. It is called Speedy Carbonium, it is produced by the historic Veneziani Yachting brand, and you can find it in the Boero Group booth. It is a top-of-the-line two-component mixed-matrix antifouling specifically designed for sailing and racing boats, based on the use of carbon as an active component that gives the hull a high degree of smoothness while enabling high-level performance. DISCOVER HERE.

Idea 2. Zero friction when sailing

We remain in the living work, that is, the immersed part of the boat. Propellers have long since changed, forget about the old models with fixed blades: it’s better to get a steerable propeller. At Milan Yachting Week you will find two good examples of this.

The first is Ewol propellers: for example, the Andromeda model, with three steerable blades, is suitable for boats from 6 to 10 m in length, is lightweight and easy to install. During sailing, the blades are positioned shear relative to the water flow; this allows for a gain of between 0.5 and 1.5 knots of speed and allows the inverter to be left idle, resulting in less wear and tear on it. DISCOVER HERE.

Brunton’s Autoprop propeller from Brunton’s Propellers also provides excellent performance, both in motor (where the propeller pitch is automatically varied by adapting to the gait) and in sail, with the blades closed. All you have to do is turn off the engine while cruising in forward gear and leave the gear engaged. The blades will automatically “flag” position themselves, offering minimal resistance to water flow (with the 2-blade up to 95 percent less than a fixed propeller). DISCOVER HERE.

Idea 3. Get the air vang!

Less weight on deck means more speed. The new line of Vang-Master pneumatic vangs distributed by Harken allows a heavier hydraulic or mechanical system to be replaced by innovative air-powered technology, which allows the system to adapt to different situations. This new line of pneumatic vangs is made of aluminum and designed to be super lightweight when installed on small to medium-sized boats. Installation is super simple and provides high performance with little expense-you can fine-tune your sail while increasing boat performance. DISCOVER IT HERE.

Idea 4. Higher performance tops

Have you already thought of replacing your polyester tops with the latest generation? At Milan Yachting Week, for example, find products from the America’s Cup by Regatta line-distributed by Punto Nautico XL-feature high-tech fibers. The composition of these double braids consists of an inner core of Dyneema SK90, or even resinated SK99, and outer stockings that are the combination of Zilon, Tecnora, Vectran, and Dyneema. They are characterized by high workload and high resistance to rubbing. DISCOVER HERE.

Idea 5. The “engine” of the boat? Must be at the top

Impossible to talk about speed without dwelling on the “engine” of the boat: the sails. Perhaps it is time to set aside the very heavy and dirty Dacron for a lighter, better performing and, why not, more durable solution (just take care of it). In our digital salon, drop by the booth of historic sailmaker Elvstrøm Sails. Its name is a guarantee. Marin is the right choice if you are looking for the right mix of performance and durability. The secret of Marina sails lies in the vertical battens. Continuous vertical battens with a carbon top end provide maximum support for the leech, whether the sail is fully unfurled or terzaroled.

Taffeta, used as an outer layer on both sides, adds strength and durability to the sail. It also improves resistance to UV rays, tearing, bending and rubbing. The internal Vectran/Technora fiber combination is the most popular among cruising enthusiasts who want a high-performance, long-lasting sail. DISCOVER HERE.

This is not the end of the story. More accessories coming soon…

These are just a few of the accessories to make your boat run that we uncovered while wandering around the stands of the accessories pavilion at Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show. In the next installment we will tell you about other solutions to increase performance, going through deck coverings and on-board electronics.



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