Why it pays to change winches and furlers. What’s new from Bamar and Harken

Renovate your boat, making it “up-to-date” or rather appropriate to the times. How? With new accessories.

We searched for you at Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show, the first virtual boat show with over 500 products, what to recommend.

We offer two innovative products that can improve your boat. Here they are.

Changing furling: Bamar has all the solutions

How much furling has changed in recent years! Bamar in its booth at Milan Yachting Week has every solution. Bamar is a world leader in this field and in our digital boat show offers its entire range. It is worth a visit to see how this essential equipment has changed.

These range from the manual GFM furling to the electric or hydraulic GFSI-GFSE to the brand new hydraulic furling that disappears below deck, the GFI.

Discover them now in the Bamar booth.

Changing winches: there’s a reason and Harken gives it to you

Winches seem to be an unchanging accessory. But this is not true. This is demonstrated to you by Harken, which in its stand at the Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show presents along with other very interesting products, the Radial Winch series that is now the ultimate for every type of boat. Harken Radial Winches are small in size, have very low maintenance, reduce sheet wear to almost zero, and come in dual manual and motorized versions.

Discover them now in the Harken booth and you’ll see why changing winches is not a bad idea.




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