Prada Cup: calendar changes, toward big match between Luna Rossa and Ineos

12/01/21 – Auckland (NZL).
36th America’s Cup presented by Prada
PRADA Cup 2021 – Training Day 2
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, Ineos Team UK

The Prada Cup schedule that was to be staged next weekend is completely disrupted by the absence of American Magic. In fact, Race Director Ian Murray decided to reschedule the regatta schedule, canceling Friday’s day that would have seen American Magic play two matches. As known Patriot, the American boat, is currently in the dock to repair the damage caused by the capsize, and will only return to racing for the semi-final starting on January 29.

This means that the only matches on the program are those between Luna Rossa and Ineos Team UK, which are decisive for either crew to enter the finals. Clearly favored are the English from the point of view of the score acquired: with 4 points already in the safe, Ben Ainslie and co. will only need a win to go to the Prada Cup final. Luna Rossa, on the other hand, will have to win both of them compulsorily in order to be able to avoid passing from the semifinals. If the British win the first match they will mathematically be in the final and it is very likely that neither boat will take to the water for the last match of the round robin.

In short, we have almost reached a decisive regatta; it is not an inside-out but close. Those who go directly to the finals will in fact have much more time to prepare the boat, file any changes, and also to rest more. Time in the America’s Cup is priceless.

To confirm the importance of the match Luna Rossa showed a new pair of foils, portrayed in this video from the NZSP Youtube channel. We do not know whether it is the famous third pair of appendages, or whether it is the previous modified ones (modification that can be implemented up to 20% of the total area).

The appendages are not only revolutionary compared to their predecessors, but they most likely appear narrower, i.e., with less chord, although it is difficult to tell what percentage difference this is. Less bulky foils that will therefore be faster, but also more complex in terms of flight stability and maneuvering. An expected choice, which therefore tells us of a Luna Rossa that will go on the attack against Ben Ainslie.


Our broadcast, live on our Facebook channels, Youtube, and on the Milan Yachting Week website, will follow the Prada Cup programs. Therefore, the Friday, Jan. 22 episode was canceled, and the Jan. 23 episode was confirmed, which will feature Federvela President Francesco Ettorre, Luca Rizzotti (one of the founders of The Foiling Week and a Persico Marine man) and super girl Clelia Sessa from the Moth world as guests. Instead, Sunday’s installment will be made only if the second match between Luna Rossa and Ineos is played. All updates will be communicated via our social media.

Mauro Giuffrè



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