Technology? Roller shutter systems have also evolved!

When we talk about technology aboard a sailboat, we don’t just mean onboard electronics; on the contrary. The hydraulic, electrical, and furling systems mounted on a sailboat can really make a difference, and they have evolved in recent years. At Milan Yachting Week there is a manufacturer presenting some of these products, all of which are really interesting.


The new generation of Bamar winders

BWSE and the BWSI are two bowsprit furlers , electric the first and hydraulic the second These two furlers for freeboard sails (gennaker or Code 0 type) are designed to have the smallest possible footprint on each bowsprit. They are meant to be installed at the end of the bowsprit (moving the tack point as far forward as possible to maximize performance) however, if desired, they can be installed below deck.

Technology designed for large boats now available on “small” boats

Bamar in more than 40 years has a large number of products installed on the largest sailboats on the market, and today its innovative technologies are also available for smaller boats. GFSE 8 for example is an acronym for an ingenious product, which is nothing more than a ball furler flanged on deck. Thanks to this new generation of furler, the outer drum on the bow no longer engulfs: the forestay furling and adjustment system is all below deck.

Change your boat’s roller shutter systems by clicking here

You can communicate directly with Bamar by clicking here and visiting their booth at Milan Yachting Week. Send an email by simply filling out the email form here!



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