PREVIEW The new Solaris 60 is a true mini maxi. With many surprises


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solaris 60You will see it at the shows in September. We came first. We show you a preview of the brand new Solaris 60. Here it is.

Solaris with the new Solaris 60 enters the world of Mini Maxi (minimum length 18.29 m), the smallest of the categories of the prestigious International Maxi Association. And he goes into it with the ambition of matching his performance cruiser, competing with prestigious racers. The Solaris 60 (18.31 m long overall) has all the credentials to make a good impression. Most importantly, this new 18-meter from the Italian shipyard has many design innovations. In an ongoing quest to make sailing easier and easier. A good bet.

With the arrival of 60 that Solaris’ range is the largest in the “Premium” segment to which Solaris belongs. The range includes as many as 11 models ranging from 40 to 111 feet, of which as many as 5 are newly launched or nearing completion.

Solaris 60, many substantial but hidden innovations

We said, lots of news about the Solaris 60. Innovations at first glance inconspicuous, but substantial. Nothing earth-shattering about the look. The “family feeling” of Solaris, which people like so much, has remained intact. The entire Solaris range, whether a 12-meter (the new 40) or a 34-meter (the 111), is instantly recognizable from all other boats. This is not a foregone conclusion, which in sailboats few manufacturers have been able to achieve.

In short, no one can deny that a Solaris is not “a great boat.” One of the secrets of success is precisely the clean lines, hull, deck and interior. There is nothing superfluous, but there is everything that is needed. At the highest level.

To immediately realize what we are telling you, watch the video of the Solaris 60.


Cockpit, maneuvering, conducting

In the new Solaris 60, one of the areas where designer Soto Acebal and the shipyard have innovated the most is the cockpit, the heart of the boat, where most of the time on board is spent.

The layout of the wheelhouse area contains a ruse: the two wheelhouses are moved as far as possible to the two edges. The first result is that the usable space, given the boat’s exceptional width of 5.28 meters, toward the extreme stern increases significantly compared to models of similar size.

This arrangement of the two rudder wheels allowed for an unusual solution on a boat of this size. The drapes in the aft part lower and then rise at the two steps leading to the deck walkways. Solution usually used only on boats over 100 feet.

As you can see in the photo above, again thanks to the Solaris 60’s new cockpit layout, only four winches, properly sized, are needed to use all the boat’s rigging, from the mainsail halyard to the headsail sheet. And they are really within reach of the helmsman or second crew member. This is a key element of truly “easy sailing.”

The second result of this “outside” arrangement of the two wheelhouses is that the helmsman’s visibility on the headsails and during maneuvers is absolute, even when sprayhood is hoisted. The Solaris 60 leads with a full bow/aft view, sitting comfortably on the seats along the edges or standing if sea conditions require it.

Immediately forward of the wheelhouses is the crew relaxation area, the cockpit proper, characterized by the cockpit table, which, given its width, can be chosen as either a large single table or double table solution, which leaves the central passageway clear even with the door open.

solaris 60The stern with the garage

The aft area is another neuralgic area that those at Solaris have been working on quite a bit. Taking advantage of the extra width of the 60, the opening stern hides a large garage that can hold the tender for storage without rotation. And, of course, an open stern reveals an extra-large bathing platform.

Always striving for clean design, the single hydraulic piston that controls the split backstay is hidden in the garage.

The deck and design

Let’s start with the deckhouse design, one of the highlights of all Solaris. Low, almost unnoticeable in the side profile, it runs out before the mast and leaves room for large passages. In the deckhouse as many as five opening portholes flush with the deck and uninterrupted side windows that make the boat’s profile even sleeker. The connection of the deckhouse with the sides of the cockpit is aesthetically perfect.

Ahead of the mast is the cross rail of the self-tacking jib recess flush covered with the. There is also the option of choosing a larger jib as well, to give the boat more power in little wind. Increased jib rails are placed internally on either side of the deckhouse to have a better upwind angle.

There is one neuralgic area of all boats that is normally unsightly, the attack of the heaths in the middle of the boat. On the Solaris 60 they are practically not visible. They are broadside, slightly recessed and made of composite without using steel parts, as in the whole boat.

At the bow end, a bowsprit/dolphin made of carbon to reduce weight at the end, accommodates gennaker or 0-tail attachments, as well as an anchor. Obviously, on a boat of this level, the furling mechanism is hidden below deck.

solaris 60 interiorLet’s discover the interior

Like all Solaris, the owner’s suite is forward, which allows for more privacy when moored in port. There are two layout options, with a center bed or left broadside. They devote a lot of attention to the galley in Solaris; on the Solaris 60 it is slightly hidden by two steps in the bow. is very large with drawers and storage areas, including for the refrigerator.

In the stern are two well-ventilated cabins, with single beds, or twin

solaris yachts cabinsFor the first time for a Solaris of this size, both have a window, which faces the inside of the cockpit. The aft guest cabins have a king-size bed to port and two single beds to starboard.

In the extreme bow, there is of course for an 18-meter boat, a nice crew cabin with bathroom with shower.

The monolithic construction

One of the strengths of all Solaris and even the new 60 is the construction. There are no countermolds and metal parts in the construction technique. Only fiberglass and cmposite parts weld the boat structure, so there are no mechanical differences in stress behavior resulting from the use of different materials. The result is a homogeneous, rigid structure that is not subject to abnormal deformation and twisting. The points of greatest stress, structural bulkheads, layders and spars, mast base, keel attachment form a single, monolithic, integral shell.

Two examples. The mainsails, which, we recall, hold all the rigging that holds the mast, are made of composite with 40 layers of unidirectional glass and carbon fabric. This particular construction makes it possible not to use putty and silicone for bonding. Everything is handkerchiefed directly to the hull.


Length. over all: 18.31 m
Length. waterline: 17.40
Maximum width: 5.28
Draft: 3.20 (opt. 2.80)
Displacement: 25,800 kg
Ballast: 7,900 kg
Sail area: 201 square meters
Project: Javier Soto Acebal
Interior: Roseo Design
Engine: 75/110/150 hp
Transmission: V drive
Water: 650 l
Fuel: 450 l
Certification: Class A
Shipyard: Solaris Yachts


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