Paints and varnishes for your boat? Those in the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai!

From antifoulings and primers to fillers, undercoats, paints, enamels, and much, much more. The benchmark, a true Italian excellence, is the Boero Group, present at Milan Yachting Week with the Boero YachtCoatings and Veneziani Yachting brands.

These two brands were created to meet different needs of the marine industry, Boero YachtCoatings is mainly dedicated to the large shipbuilding, both refit and new construction, so to the world Yacht and Superyachts, while Veneziani Yachting is getting closer to theend user by devoting itself mainly to yachting and the sailing world.

Boero Group has been selected to paint the three inverted hulls, produced by Fincantieri, that will make up the roof of the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, scheduled to begin Oct. 1. The roof of the pavilion, more than 2,000 square meters in size, will form the largest Italian tricolor ever , a work made with the most advanced materials and the best technologies, including Boero Group paints and varnishes. Boero Group’s paints will also be used to paint some details, such as the 165 columns supporting the pavilion, for a total area exceeding 13,000 square meters.

The opportunity to have the same paints as Expo Dubai 2020? Simple, just visit the Boero Group’s pavilion at Milan Yachting Week, where you will find all of the group’s products, easy to apply on all types of surfaces, created with the best raw materials for extreme quality performance and effects, and a complete color range.

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There are really a lot of fairing products in the Boero/Veneziani booth. Find out which ones they are by clicking directly HERE: you can also talk directly with Boer/Venezian experts via email or whatsapp or by booking an appointment.




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