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How to find the right boat? With our choice of safe and reliable charter operators, we help you to find the perfect cruise sailing for the summer!

Kiriacoulis, unparalleled support and services

“To all those who book a boating vacation in Sardinia for the summer of 2022, Kiriacoulis gives away the ferry ride to the island and their own chartered boat,” says Luciano Rigli, Kiriacoulis manager in Italy. Thanks to an agreement with the Moby Lines ferry company, for every Saturday throughout the summer of 2022, on routes departing from Livorno and Piombino (to Olbia), customers will be able to board for free.

According to these arrangements: those who rent a sailboat with 3 cabins are entitled to space for 2 cars and 6 people; those who rent a boat with 4 cabins are entitled to space for 3 cars and 8 people; those who rent a boat with 5 cabins or a catamaran are entitled to space for 3 cars and 10 people.

A convenient and perfect way to safely reach Kiriacoulis’ Sardinian base in Marina di Portisco, Costa Smeralda. Here the charter company has its own correspondence office that provides charterers with all assistance on formalities and things to know, as well as services and information on routes and the best itineraries.”

– true quality nautical operator

And just in Sardinia for this summer we have as fleet news as many as 3 Sun Lofts, really big and comfortable boats that accommodate 6 double cabins plus 1 skipper cabin. After all, Kiriacoulis, thanks to its “first” 40 years of history, is a world leader-being first group in the Mediterranean and third in the world-in the nautical charter sector, so much so that it offers a fleet of more than 400 boats and 25 bases in the Mediterranean, plus one in the Caribbean.

It also provides its clients with both crewed boats, for “comfortable” cruisers, and unmanned boats for the real sea wolves. Another key element is that Kiriacoulis Holiday is the only nautical operator to be a member of ASTOI (the Confindustria association representing Italian tour operators): this is why it benefits from the ASTOI guarantee fund that allows reimbursement to the tourist in the event of problems with the realization of the vacation.

For summer 2022, boat vacations can be booked either by contacting Kiriacoulis Holidays directly or by going to the best Italian travel agencies that sell its packages, such as the more than 1,500 outlets of Geo Travel Network and Welcome Travel. In the package offered at the travel agency, we include both cancellation and skipper’s liability insurance, the most protected and best-protected solution for nautical tourists.”

Kiriacoulis – Useful Info

Phone: 0564 923219


Mediterranean bases: 25 including Greece, Italy, Malta, France, Turkey and Croatia





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