These electric winches are the ultimate anti-fatigue and space-saving solution

electric winches


There is a lot of talk about easy sailing, but have you ever tried to caulk the sheet of a genoa on a cruising boat in 20 knots? Or hoisting the mainsail without anyone’s help when sailing with a small or inexperienced crew? Believe us, you’ll get a fair amount of “work.” If you are young and able-bodied there is no problem, but when the years begin to take their toll, or if you are sailing with an inexperienced and familiar crew, you would gladly do without all these labors.


The solution exists; it is electric winches. With two electrified primary winches in the cockpit and at least one in the deckhouse, you will forget about fatigue. And sand, in the deckhouse, you do not want to sacrifice space below deck to house an electrified winch motor, there is a solution for you. Andersen studied it and it is called Compact Motor: in the “above deck” version, the engine is entirely housed in the raised base of the winch; in the “below deck” version, the compact engine is recessed in the deck but takes up less space than conventional engines. The winch is variable speed (increases or decreases depending on the force with which the button is pressed) and there are various sizes, .

At left, the “above deck” version of Andersen’s Compact Motor winch for deck mounting. At right, the “below deck” solution with compact engine to be installed below deck


Better “above” or “below”? Each of the two solutions has advantages and disadvantages. The winch with motor recessed in the drum does not sacrifice space below deck and is very easy to install, it is true, but it requires more careful maintenance (with lubrication of the crankshaft seal on a seasonal basis) because the motor is more exposed to the elements. Also, it is not recommended to install it on very sloping or vertical surfaces because it would be even more exposed to moisture problems and water seepage below deck.

With the “below” solution, for a bit of sacrificed space and more intrusive installation you will have a product that is better protected from the elements and you will have to deal with less maintenance. Your choice!


Andersen also has “on the farm” other electric winch models, starting with the E1s, which are available in 12 and 24 V (there is also a manual/electric conversion kit for those who already have an Andersen winch) in single speed, or the Two Speed and Three Speed, in two and three speeds.


In Italy you can find Andersen winches at



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