Boatique: easier life on board? Yes, thanks to these three products

Every day the Boatique, the digital store of Milan Yachting Week is renewed with different products! We’ve already told you about the tools to become a Masterchef on board, shown you the ingenious inflatable catwalk that becomes a SUP or the Vela-branded eco-bags: you can find all these products at an exclusive discount in the Boatique! Today we tell you about three goodies that you can find among the many products on display, three products that increase comfort on board and make your sailing easier (especially on vacation).

The Fridge Gasifier for having water always at the ready

No more bulky, polluting and uncomfortable plastic bottles. The Fridge Gasser is the ultimate solution for having drinking water always ready on board, it is equipped with an internal Reverse Osmosis filtration system, which directly treats mains water producing osmotized water, still, sparkling, cold or room temperature.

It eliminates the space taken up by bottles in the locker (but also in the refrigerator) and allows you to have water ready to quench your thirst, as and when you want it.





The micro washer-dryer

boatique boat accessoriesIn addition to being a beautiful design object, it is a very useful item for the lucky ones who spend long vacations on boats. Daewoo’s washer-dryer is designed for tight spaces, making it perfect for boats, for those who want to wash and dry in a short time and using very little space.

The very small size of this product (550x650x324 mm) and very low water consumption (24 liters per cycle) make it the perfect product for washing and drying in the middle of the sea.




The air purifier

boatique purifierIf you have enclosed spaces in your boat and spend a lot of time there, here is the product for you. The Air Ionizer from the Smart Marine line allows you to sanitize and scent the air, is made with an ergonomic shape and low weight, and thanks to its magnetic action captures bacteria, harmful gases, unpleasant odors and volatile particles that cause pollution and bad smells.

Moisture and its unpleasant smell will not be a problem from now on!



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