Where do you choose your sails? Elvstrom, North Sails and Quantum await you at the Velafestival!

sailsAre you planning to re-sail your boat? The best of the world’s sailmakers are waiting for you in Santa Margherita to bring you their latest generation products (membranes and related) that may be ideal in racing to improve performance but can also have forward-looking use in cruising because of their greater durability and ability to maintain the shape and profile of the sail longer, thus improving the stability and safety of the boat.

254Regarding the latest technologies in the world of sails
brings you the Fusion M lamination technique, which allows the fibers arranged along the sail’s main load lines to be enclosed between two thin Mylard films. Thanks to the combination of heat, vacuum and mechanical pressure, Quantum membranes are among the strongest and most reliable on the market.


instead shows you the EPEX technology developed to produce membrane sails by vacuum process: by removing air and moisture this membrane aims to circumvent the problem of delamination and ensuring maximum lightness.

3DiHPA-4At the North Sails booth you can instead talk about 3Di Raw the latest addition to precisely the range
, the revolutionary system for making sails through resin prepreg tapes. The structure remains that of 3Di with theapplication of an ultralight film that saves up to 20-30% of the weight.



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