When a windshield wiper changes your life. Also by boat

Have you ever thought about the usefulness of a windshield wiper on board a boat? Think about it. If you are accustomed to long sailings, even in the cold months, you may have found that bad weather has forced you to take refuge below deck while the boat continues to sail. And it has certainly happened to you that the glazed deckhouse of a monohull or catamaran has been covered with rain and wave spray impairing visibility to the bow. And here’s where a nice windshield wiper would have been a useful accessory to have on board.

So today we are telling you about a company that has made this, and other, accessories its research and business focus. For more than sixty years, Gallinea has stood by the side of the most prestigious international shipyards. It is a mission that the company from Pallazzolo sull’Olio, in the province of Brescia, has immediately set itself as a partner of choice for construction sites through the design, construction and distribution of electrical and electronic components and systems. Today it is among the world’s leading manufacturers of windshield wiper systems. Ego for example born in 2016 is a model of high lightness and technology, a wiper arm completely made of carbon fiber. Gallinea is also active in sophisticated electrical and home automation solutions with its iBoat line: systems capable of managing the most important on-board components and controlling entertainment equipment, h hi-fi and televisions. Precisely for monitors, both internal and external Gallinea also makes retractable screen elevation systems, even large ones, to the specific request of the shipyard or shipowner.


The latest squeegee from Gallinea, this is a very light and powerful arm made entirely of carbon fiber.

Lift Tv

Above is one of Gallinea’s countless monitor handling operations. Pictured is the Telescopium model.



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