What VELAFestival 2017 will look like from A to Z

When sailing and the sea become a spectacle, they take shape in four days of celebration in one of the most picturesque ports in the Mediterranean: Santa Margherita Ligure. This is the essence of the TAG Heuer VELAFestival, now in its fifth year.
Same place, same time. Theappointment is from May 4 to 7, 2017, and, as every year, you will find all the updates on the event at www.velafestival.com, to follow live step by step, together with us, how the biggest Italian sailing festival is born and takes shape.
Are you curious about the new things we have in store for you this year? We’ll accommodate you right away.
The event will be bigger, thanks to new spaces along the harbor will reach all the way down to the harbor cove, with more extra spaces ashore and many more moorings for boats to visit.
In addition, we are preparing a new area reserved only for multihulls: this is the VELAFestival Multi, to ride the wave of the great success that catamarans are having in Italy as well.
And remember that this year. Italian sailing’s most prestigious award, The Sailor of the Year, turns 25 years old: in his honor we will have a big celebratory party and set up an exhibition with the Hall of Fame of all winners which will be added to the beach ch will be “dressed” by a 100-meter-long installation where the new spectacular photo exhibition on the history of sailing and the most beautiful images of the year will be located.
And finally, we plan to offer you the ultimate relaxation with a new location for the seaside terrace with food and music until the evening: the VELAFestival at night this year will enjoy new artistic lighting which, when night falls, will enhance the location on the harbor by illuminating the boats and docks.

Accessories. Nautical products and services wind their way throughout the dock where you find and can purchase in one location what you would otherwise only find after long and arduous searches.

Boats. The latest yachts from the most prestigious shipyards as well as rental and second-hand boats are on display and can be visited, mixed with “cult” boats, those that have made yachting history, and those of owners who view the event and participate in the VELA Cup. Boats from 2 to 30 meters, all together.
Card. The VELAFestival Card. The event passport which, upon registration, allows you to get benefits, discounts in hotels, restaurants, parking lots, Santa stores, booths and bars at the event. Privileged access to reserved areas and boats on display, free shuttle service for boats anchored in the harbor roadstead.
Drifts. It is not a sailing festival if there is a lack of dinghies. You can try out and admire in the water every day the hulls you will see at Beach Village on the beach.
Events. From morning to evening show with interviews and stories of great sailors and sailors and workshops of the specialists who reveal the secrets of their products and tell about their experiences.
Feast. It is called VELAFestival because it is not a boat show, but a great all-around celebration of sailing on water and on land.
Free. We will never get tired of repeating: this year’s admission to VELAFestival is free! There is no entrance fee because the whole town of Santa Margherita is wrapped up in the VELAFestival.
Hall of fame. The most prestigious award in Italian sailing turns 25. For the 25th anniversary of the Sailor of the Year we are organizing a big celebratory party and an exhibition with the Hall of Fame of all the winners.
Lighting. An exceptional location, the waterfront and harbor will be enveloped by the event, which will have no entrance fee. The town becomes the capital of sailing and the most beautiful boats in the Mediterranean.
Jolly Roger. The Jolly Roger is the traditional flag of pirates. And at VELAFestival you can take your children to play pirates for a day aboard the Pandora, a faithful reproduction of a 30-meter schooner from the 1700s. The crew on board will reveal tricks and tips for becoming perfect sailors and teach fantastic knots to even the little ones.
Kayak. There will also be the other side of the sea. Kayak, Sup, Windsurf, with which you can go out every day accompanied by the instructors of Outdoor Portofino. You will find them ready on the Beach Village beach from where to “launch” into the Gulf of Tigullio.
Sailing lessons. Courses and lessons to learn the basics of the world’s most beautiful sport with professional instructors from the Italian Naval League of Santa Margherita. You will also be able to learn how to climb a masthead or make a splice aboard the schooner Pandora.
Multihulls. A new area reserved only for multihulls, which are also having great success in Italy The only Italian exhibition reserved for catamarans & c.
Rental. The VELAFestival is also the right place to find the boat to rent for your cruises. In fact, among the exhibitors will be several charter companies ready to give you the best advice for chartering anywhere on the globe. But not only that, you can also rent a boat for the days of the VELAFestival and experience the whole festival moored at the dock in Santa and participate in the VELA Cup!
Mooring. At the VELAFestival you can also come with your own boat. There are discounted oremages and a free taxi-tender service to reach the docks.

Port. The port of Santa Margherita is the center of the VELAFestival. The most charming and characteristic seaside village in Liguria becomes the capital of sailing. This year VELAFestival will be bigger with new spaces along the harbor. The event now continues until the end of the harbor cove, with more spaces on land and many more boat moorings. In addition, along the docks and in the Hospitality and refreshment area every afternoon and evening there will be live music.
Four. VELAFestival days. We will be together for four days from Thursday, May 4 to Sunday, May 7, 2017. Four days of great celebration.
Resume. The upswing in the boating world is also reflected in the ever-growing numbers of the last three editions of the TAG Heuer VELAFestival: 20,000 visitors and 95 exhibitors are expected for 2017.

Beach. A beach village on Tigullio’s most beautiful beach, in front of Portofino, where you can sunbathe, try out smaller boats and other items that sail on the water. From this year it will also be possible to organize dives directly from the beach with professionals from the underwater world of Tortuga Diving Santa Margherita, who in short courses will explain the basics of the discipline. To truly experience the sea in 360 degrees, even below the surface.


Sea Terrace. The spectacular VIP terrace by the sea, a hospitality area where you can relax, drink and eat, hear music in a unique view of the world.


Last. The last person in the VELA Cup will also receive a prize!

Sailing Cup. The Feast At Sea. Saturday and Sunday the big party at sea with the VELA CUP, the most crowded regatta/sailing event in the entire Tyrrhenian Sea with more than 200 boats and 2,500 sailors involved along a coastal route that touches Portofino and the Gulf of Tigullio. In the evening big party for the awards ceremony with music and food for all until late in the evening.


Water Games. Sunday will be the turn of the VELAFestival Watergames. The SUP race will start in the morning and the Kayak race in the afternoon. Edited by Outodoor Portofino.
Yachting. Understood as the all-around boat world. You can admire the world’s most beautiful boats: dozens of hulls at sea ready to be visited and told by the people who build them. The best new developments in world songwriting.

Shopping area. Nautical products and services wind their way throughout the dock where you find and can purchase in one location what you would otherwise only find after long and arduous searches.



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