We scouted out the dream cruise boat. Here it is

13724098_626560604175379_3933784649125888241_o-1Back in the spotlight are the one-offs, the boats built in one piece, custom-made for one owner. A good example is the brand new 53-footer (m 17.33) designed by the French Finot Conq and built in Germany by Knierim Yachtbau in Kiel, one of the world’s top yards for composite construction, of which we have scouted the first photos.
But this one off is not the usual boat built for high-level racing, it was born solely and exclusively for cruising. This was the request of an experienced owner who wanted a fast, comfortable, safe cruising boat, very easy gives maneuvering for two, and with an understated but elegant style both above and below deck. Quite a challenge for Finot Conq who, to see the first sailing photos and renderings we present, have realized “the dream cruising boat.”
FC53-amenagementPIVOTING KEEL
Look, for example, at the drift plane. The movable keel is pivoting goes from 3.75 m draft to only 1.60 m. A nice advantage for getting into any harbor (at drift up it fishes less than a 10-meter fixed-keel boat!). But that’s not all, stability is also ensured by two “ballasts”-that is, two tanks placed on either side that fill with water to reduce skidding. Simply load, automatically, the windward one with a ton of water! It means resisting heeling without reducing the canvas even with 20/25 knots at least!
13692910_626560600842046_8506986345974674799_oAN IMOCA “MELLOWED”
The inspiration for the hull is clearly that of an IMOCA ocean racing hull but everything is mellowed so that it takes on an elegant appearance, as befits a fast cruising boat. Such a wide hull, m. 5.26 maximum width, allows for huge spaces. Just take a look at the interior floor plan to realize this.
The construction is, again at the highest level and in the name of lightness, it is a carbon sandwich with a Corecell and Nomex core. Thus this over 17-meter cruising boat has a displacement of only 8.8 tons. Sailing performance is assured.
Equipment with everything you dream of having to be autonomous and sail two: electric winches, generator, desalinizer, fuel and water with over 700 liters of reserve. The boat is so light and performance lines that 75 hp is enough to make it sail at 9 knots at least. A dream cruising boat, which has only one drawback: it is definitely not cheap.
Overall length m. 17,33
maximum width m. 5,26
draught m. 3,75
displacement ton. 8,8
upwind sail area sqm 170
sail sup to the carriers sqm 340
ballast 1 ton per part
water l. 750
fuel l. 700




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