VIDEO. Passion without limits: the Owner finalists for TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year

After the first four episodes, with the Epic award to Azzurra and the finalists in the Yacht Club by Seably, Young and Designer by SKS category, we continue to get to know all the protagonists of the TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year. They will be the protagonists of the Evening of Champions to be held in Milan on May 12, the final of this edition that will decide the winners of each category to whom a prestigious TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch will go.

Until May 12, with one episode a day, we will present video interviews with the protagonists of this edition of our award. Today’s episode will be devoted to the finalists in the Owner category. In the company of Mino Taveri and Ambrogio Beccaria, assisted by contributions from Mauro Giuffrè, will be Gennaro Coretti, Luca Sabiu, and Vincenzo De Blasio.

TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year installment calendar (and how to view them)

tag heuer sailor of the year 2022

The episodes are aired on all the channels of the Sailing Newspaper and you can review them whenever you want on our Youtube channel, on our Facebook page, on the Giornale della Vela’s Instagram TV, on this website, in theevents area of Milano Yachting Week, and on the TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year website. In short, you just can’t miss them! Conducted by Mino Taveri and Ambrogio Beccaria, with contributions from Mauro Giuffrè. Below is the schedule of episodes with all the key players who will be speaking.

  • May 6, 6 p.m. – Welcome to the Oscars of Sailing and Epic Sailor of the Year (Azzurra). With Riccardo Bonadeo, Mauro Pelaschier, Luca Oriani, John Gatti, Manuela Ricci.
  • May 7, 6 p.m. – Yacht Club by Seably. Sailors are born here. With Agostino Randazzo (CDV Sicilia), Enrico Bertacchi (CV Caprera), Luca Bertacchi (CV Bellano).
  • May 8, 6 p.m. – Young. Tomorrow’s champions. With Alex Demurtas, Mattia Cesana, Maggie Pescetto.
  • May 9, 6 p.m. – Designer by SKS. The archistars of sailing. With Fabio Bignolini and Matteo Polli (Northern Light Composites), Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz (Cossutti Yacht Design), Stefano Lillia (Cantiere Nautico Lillia).
  • May 10, 6 p.m. – Owner. Limitless passion. With Gennaro Coretti, Luca Sabiu, Vincenzo De Blasio.
  • May 11, 6 p.m. – TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year. Top of the sail. With Ruggero Tita, Caterina Banti, Ganga Bruni, Alberto Riva, Francesco Sena (Most Voted).
  • May 15, 6 p.m. – The Evening of Champions. The best are they. The TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year final night reel with the announcement of the finalists.


TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year

This is the most prestigious award in Italian sailing, awarded by Giornale della Vela since 1991 and now in its 31st edition. The 2021 Sailor of the Year was won by Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team.

TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year Partners.

NEVER STILL. AS TIME. TAG Heuer, lo historic Swiss watch brand of the LVMH Group, active in 139 countries, has been the naming partner of the Sailor of the Year since 2013. Its Aquaracer marine timepieces are the “summa” of 160 years of history, research and innovation.

BETTER SAILORS WITH SEABLY. Seably For Leisure is the online training platform for all sea lovers. Seably offers a world of courses for every shipowner. Download Seably’s app and enjoy the best content available for every boater.

“TOP” KITCHENS ARE SKS. Signature Kitchen Suite is the appliance brand from high-end built-in kitchen from LG Electronics, a world leader in consumer electronics. At the SKS Showroom in Milan, the Evening of Champions opens on May 12.



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