VIDEO Mylius 80 Twin Soul, when the boat becomes a docufilm


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mylius 80 twin soul videoThere is a new way to learn about a boat, telling the story of a boat as in a movie. This is how GdV videos are born. First major player, the Mylius 80

Mylius 80 Twin Soul, if the boat is a docufilm

On every boat that is born has a great story to tell. No matter the size, the model, the price. Every boat is a small masterpiece of craftsmanship, even when it is mass-produced.

Behind the birth of a boat there is so much design and technological work before, so much manual skill during construction, then finish with painstaking fine-tuning work. Thousands of hours of labor are concentrated into a unique object that is unmatched by any other artifact.

Plus, always, there is the essential component of passion, that intangible element that makes every sailboat unique. Inevitably, a great story always comes out to tell. Yes, but never had anyone thought to create a narrative and not just a cold technical listing of how a boat was built. Something more was needed.

So when we decided the time had come to tell these stories, we said, how can we do something new and different? The solution came naturally: we tell their story with a docufilm, on video.


A great story like in a movie

Thus was born the idea of creating a new video unit within our newsroom that would change the way a boat is seen, telling the story and having it told directly by the people who designed, built, launched, and tested the boat.

Who better than them to show a boat? But there volever someone who could tell them and, above all, had a great passion for sailing and the sea to pass on to those watching the video. We had the ideal subjects at hand, already collaborating with the Sailing Newspaper and curating our newspaper’s Youtube video channel.

Who better than Fabio Portesan, 41, and Marina Leva, 33, who have made the boat their traveling home, with their two children (and one on the way) and a cat? With them we came up with the format of our new videos(which you can see on the Sail Newspaper’syoutube channel ), something that was much more than a traditional test, as practically everyone else does.

It took the right boat, the Mylius 80 Twin Soul

To start with our idea of a boat story we needed a beautiful boat, from a prestigious shipyard.

One phone call was all it took. We explained what we wanted to do on video to Valentina Gandini, managing director of Mylius, which makes boats to order and is an Italian excellence. Valentina immediately said yes.

And he did even more than that. He keyed in the number of Piano B, one of Italy’s leading communications agencies, on his smartphone. Two days later, the “dream team” that was to tell a story about a boat as no one had ever done was ready.

Fabio and Marina were joined by Mario Viscardi and Guido Morozzi, creative directors of Piano B, and one of the gurus of docufilms, director Marco Ferrari, dubbed by Modern Times as “the maetro of storytelling.”

The dream team went to work. He shot over ten hours of footage interviewing the protagonists and filming the boat in action between the shipyard, the La Spezia base, and Portofino.

The protagonist is exceptional

Yes, but who is the main character? is exceptional, a boat famous throughout the Mediterranean, the Mylius 80 Twin Soul a symbol of how two seemingly irreconcilable souls, the racing and cruising souls, coexist in one boat.

The result of our challenge to change the codes of making a boat video is encapsulated in eight minutes.

A short time, but enough time for our “dream team” to show how it is possible, to tell the story of a boat as if it were an art film. Enjoy your viewing!

See the backstage gallery of the Mylius 80 Twin Soul video here.




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