VIDEO Madness in Imperia: they throw a rocket at him, he loses his eye

imperiaA moment of madness turns into tragedy. During one of the festive evenings at the Vele d’Epoca in Imperia, an American shipowner, William McInnes (71), thoughtfully joined in the pyrotechnic festivities by exploding some flares. Alcohol fumes caused him to fire one at eye level, toward the crowd on the platform. At the expense was 49-year-old Sergio Galvagno of Imperia, who lost an eye and was kept many hours in a medically induced coma. The man, according to sources, has severe neurological deficits. The eye of the drone that was filming the event caught the incident.


One recommendation in addition to the one, as obvious as it is necessary, not to imitate the American’s gesture: that you do not think of improperly using expired flares, which you should instead dispose of properly. The problem, when it comes to fires, flares and buoys, is not so much the weather but the humidity. Try to preserve them, during winterization, in hermetically sealed packages: best to leave them on board because they are considered Class A explosive material, on par with TNT and dynamite, so if you were caught with the fires in your car, or anywhere other than the boat, it would be pain. Don’t throw away expired fires if you are sure you have handled them well: place them alongside those in good standing by setting up a few extra grab bags in accessible places on your boat. An expired but working smoke buoy, for example, will be very useful in the case of a man overboard: throw it into the water near where the fall occurred, you will have an extra clue to recover the missing person. In theory, expired fires should be taken back, by law, by those who sold them to you. But this is Italy, and things don’t work that way: be aware, however, that law enforcement agencies are authorized to collect expired fires. May you not think of throwing them into a dumpster!




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