VIDEO Kitesurfer, do you want to fly easy? There is a new foil for you!

13625205_1175477282484189_729735517_nThe world of foils is constantly evolving, and designers’ attention to these appendages has grown exponentially, as this is an area in which much is still to be discovered. The latest invention, in order of time, is called Twinfoil and is the brainchild of an Italian. One who knows a thing or two about flying sails: Mario Caponnetto, two-time America’s Cup winner with Oracle where he was considered the top expert in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), and now, after his brief experience with Luna Rossa, serving Sir Ben Ainslie with the British BAR.

13599508_1175476089150975_305329515_nEVERYONE CAN DO KITEFOILING
Twinfoil, Caponnetto explained on the fly, “is a foil made to fly everyone who goes kiting with two-way boards, the vast majority. An easy foil also because you never have to take your feet off the streps. The company we are starting to produce it with is called Huindi.” A solution for “easy flying”: this foil can be retrofitted to any two-way kite board (or “twin tips”).




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