VIDEO I was going 100 mph on a windsurfing board.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 5:16:08 p.m.
Just imagine what it is like to travel at 100 km/h on water. Sailing. Windsurfing.
Who knows what Antoine Albeau, the world’s new fastest windsurfer, experienced: in Luderitz, Namibia, where the Chris Benz Speed Challenge is held every year, where windsurfing specialists race against each other in glide, set a new speed record. The Frenchman touched 53.27 knots taking advantage of the very strong wind (at first in the 30 knots, then growing to 50) on the waters of the Luderitz Channel, where the water always remains flat but, on the other hand, is very shallow and the pitfall is always around the corner: if you fall wrong, you really risk destroying yourself. Italian Patrik Diethelm achieved the second highest speed, 52.33 knots. Switzerland’s Karin Jaggi set the women’s record at a speed of 46.31 knots. The video below summarizes Albeau’s high-adrenaline feat.




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