VELACup 2016. The great Tyrrhenian regatta for all returns


We are preparing the new edition of the 2016 VELACup, the VELAFestival’s big sea party that takes place on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Last year was the edition of records: 148 boats at the start and more than 2,000 sailors battled it out in the Gulf of Tigullio. This year you can also expect a big news: there will be for the first time a ranking dedicated to
, or boats built between 1965 and 1999 made of fiberglass. Why this success?

Because the VELACup is an innovative regatta/sailing event open to all boats of all sizes and shapes, with no age restrictions, no bureaucracy or technical complications, with rankings drawn up by length.

Everyone can participate. The more relaxed “white sails”-without spi and gennaker-with a reserved ranking, and the more fierce crews who want to compete by taking advantage of the full potential of the boat and crew capabilities.

The VELACup then moves, once the regatta is over, to the VELAFestival venues and culminates in a big party on the dock and in the event space with the awards ceremony, a show with live music, cocktails and a buffet offered by the organizers.








All boats and multihulls without age limitation, without using the rating certificate (IRC/ORC/CIM) from 3 meters and up with division by length overall, in two categories, “cruising class” (white sails) and “racing class” (spi, gennaker, etc.), with the following rankings:

  • overall “overall” ranking for all boats (excluding multihulls)
  • overall ranking “cruising class” (white sails/ excluding multihulls)
  • overall ranking “regatta class” (spi, gennaker, etc./ excluding multihulls)

Special rankings will also be compiled for the categories

  • Vintage boats (construction before 1950 with any construction material)
  • Classic boats (construction before 1975 with any construction material)
  • #plasticfantastic (construction between 1965 and 1999 in fiberglass)
  • Open boats (without cabin, excluding multihulls)
  • Monotypes (same model from a single site)
  • multihulls

Rankings are drawn up in real time and divided into divisions by homogeneous overall lengths (declared by the yard) the grouping must have no less than 3 boats, if this number is not reached the class will be merged with the next class.


class: up to 7.50 m

class: 7.51 to 9.50 m

class: 9.51 to 11 m

class: 11.01 to 13 m

class: 13 to 15 m

class: 15 to 19 m

class: over 19 m (Maxi)


  • Those registering in “cruising class” must sail “White Sails” and that is with only mainsail and genoa/jib.
  • Those who register in “regatta class” can use any sail (spi, gennaker, code 0, etc.).

Registration fees:

  • drifts: free
  • boats up to 9 m 50 euros
  • boats up to 12.50m: 70 euros
  • boats up to 14.50m: 90 euros
  • boats up to 19 m: 110 euros
  • boats over 19 m: 150 euros


WC3P5803 copyWC3P9838 copy


VSBR2012-DAY2-1517 copy



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